This Is Not The Time For Rep. Tom Reed, GOP To Be Polite

To The Reader’s Forum:

It is time for Tom Reed (and other lawmakers) to understand that there are times to be “polite” and times to do what is right.

Mr. Reed appears to have thus far preferred being “polite” to the Washington establishment who prefer a purportedly “peaceful” transition of power rather than a thorough investigation into the thousands of affidavits alleging voter fraud in closely contested races conducted in swing states.

He says on one hand that he continues “to support the president,” but on the other, that “[he] recognize[s] that…we do need to have that transition of power.”

This anemic stance seems content with government processes that have run their course, but he works in one of those lawful areas of governance and has the authority to take further actions! He is apparently content with the lingering possibility that “we the people” have been silenced in this election and is prepared to just move on. He does not actually support the president or his fellow congressional colleagues who are still boldly urging for an honest investigation, and especially not the millions of American voters who suspect that fraud affected election night outcomes.

Does he not believe voter fraud occurred? Perhaps he is revealing political cowardice by politely walking with the Washington establishment? Why not take every available action to make sure the presidential election was conducted honestly? Why not bravely and politely make sure that every legal vote is counted, and every illegal vote is thrown out?

An Internet search for “Tom Reed contact” brings up the phone/fax number for both his Jamestown and D.C. offices. I urge readers who share these concerns to take bold action as well. This is a time for patriotic Americans to do what is right even if it does not appear “polite.”

Encourage Tom Reed and other government officials to walk with bravery and courage during this critical time in our nation’s history. Urge him to fulfill his faithful duty as our representative because there is nothing more polite and right in American government than respecting the vote of the people.

John Barber



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