There Is A 2 Tiered Justice System In America

Readers’ Forum

To The Reader’s Forum:

Mr. Thomas, you are correct. There is a 2 tiered justice system in the USA. Donald Trump has benefited from it more than anyone. No judge in his right mind would tolerate the abuse that Trump puts out from any ordinary defendant. Remember, he IS a defendant. He does not presently hold any public office. He is a defendant who has told over 30,000 documented lies just during the time he was in office. That is the height of mendacity for a government office holder.

Do you not see the difference between the way Biden returned the documents as soon as he found them and Trump resisted returning them for more than a year and tried to hide them from the FBI search?

Do you not see that his requirement for bond was reduced from $454 million to $175 million with no explanation as to why? And given a 10 day extension as well?

What ordinary citizen is given such preferential treatment?

Thank you,

Daniel Olson



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