New School Resource Officer Aims For Student Connections

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The Jamestown Public Schools District has welcomed a new resource officer for the elementary and middle schools this year. Officer Alexis Carlson from the Jamestown Police Department is serving as the new resource officer. She is responsible for the eight schools and the middle school ...

Jamestown Renaissance Corp. Discusses Future Plans

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The Jamestown Renaissance Corp. is continuing to look for ways to improve the city by encouraging community members to work together. The Rev. Luke Fodor, co-chair of the Jamestown Renaissance Corp. board, said the COVID-19 pandemic caused the organization to take different approaches to meet ...

Organization Showcases Neighborhood Project

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The Jamestown Renaissance Corp is encouraging members of the community to invest in home improvement projects through the Healthy Neighborhoods program. Mary Maxwell, Neighborhood Project director, said her division of the JRC is concentrating primarily on housing efforts. “We’re doing ...

Illegal Deer Feeding Rankles Residents In West Ellicott

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The illegal feeding of deer in the town of Ellicott has attracted both other unwanted wildlife and the attention of the state Department of Environmental Conservation. Three residents of Price Avenue went before the Ellicott Town Board in August to voice concerns over the feeding and to ...

Target Seeks Small Land Parcel As Overhaul Work Begins

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Although no timelines have been announced, Target is moving ahead with plans to come to the former Kmart building on Fairmount Avenue in West Ellicott. During the recent Audit and Control Committee meeting of the Chautauqua County Legislature, members agreed to sell a small parcel of land in ...