Gun Applicants In NY Will Have To List Social Media Accounts

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ALBANY (AP) — As missed warning signs pile up in investigations of mass killings, New York state is rolling out a novel strategy to screen applicants for gun permits. People seeking to carry concealed handguns will be required to hand over lists of their social media accounts for a review of ...

Country Music Festival Set For Return In Frewsburg

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FREWSBURG — Bash in the Burg Country Music Festival is set to return this year. The event was held for the first time last year, organized by the Frewsburg Fire Department and local band South 62. This year, the festival kicks off beginning at 3 p.m. Saturday and goes to Sunday. It will be ...

Man Who Fell Into Water Sparks Large Search

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RIPLEY — What started as a fishing excursion Thursday morning on Lake Erie turned tragic when the captain of a fishing charter boat fell into the water and did not resurface. The accident sparked a sprawling search of the lake throughout the day and included local water rescue members and ...

Two Running In GOP Congressional Primary

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There are only two candidates in the Republican primary for the newly drawn 23rd Congressional district, neither of whom are running in the special election. On Thursday, the ballots were posted for both the special election to fill Tom Reed’s seat for the rest of 2022, as well as the ...

Goodell Questions Equal Rights Amendment

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New York lawmakers are halfway to placing an equal rights amendment on the ballot for state voters. After passage of the resolution last week, the same piece of legislation must be passed during the next legislative session and then approved by state voters in a statewide vote. Initial ...

State Sees Spike In Calls To Crisis Centers

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New York is spending $52 million to expand access to crisis call centers amid skyrocketing demand for suicide-prevention and mental-health emergency phone counseling during the COVID-19 pandemic. The investment of state and federal tax dollars is part of the transition on July 16 of the ...