Local Video Clips

Yassou Festival

For two three days each year, Jamestown’s Greek heritage comes out and says Yassou – a traditional Greek greeting or salutation meaning hello or goodbye. The Yassou Festival is hosted each year by St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, 15 Francis St.

Fostering Relationships

Mike Laurin tries to make his customers’ experiences easier. And being the owner of Everydays True Value, 797 Foote Ave., he has renovated and improved the store for his customers.

Being an Illustrator

KENNEDY – Without ever reading the words, you may understand what the story is about. That’s the job of an illustrator. And for Aleida Foulk, her illustrator job is a dream come true.

Flyers Comedy Classic

The Flyers Comedy Classic, Feb. 17-18, 2024. Footage from first day of competition.

The Outsiders At LBLTJ

You won’t see Adam Hughes directing during a performance of “The Outsiders” because he is probably watching it with other members of the audience at Lucille Ball Little Theatre of Jamestown. During rehearsals is when Hughes’ directing skills shine. If you are lucky to see a rehearsal, ...

Bemus Point Inn Voted Best In Breakfast

BEMUS POINT — If you want breakfast, then you can probably order it at almost any restaurant. If you want a great breakfast, with a generous side of hospitality, then you should probably make a trip to The Bemus Point Inn, if you haven’t already. It’s a safe bet why the Bemus Point ...