Traffic Diversion For I-86 Bridge Underway

Local Commentaries

In an earlier article, I commented on the accelerated action being taken by the state to repair and essentially rebuild the Chautauqua Lake Bridge. Activity has only picked up since then, and now construction is taking place to divert traffic so that two lanes (not four) will move traffic over ...

Toll Hike Is Right Move

Local Commentaries

In response to the September 20 Editorial “Thruway After Eliminations, rate hikes too soon” we’d like to address some points you made. The Thruway does not receive any dedicated federal, state, or local tax dollars to cover the costs of operating and maintaining the 570-mile Thruway, ...

Better Relations Prove Beneficial For U.S., Vietnam

In Our Opinion

Many U.S. residents remain leery of this country’s warmer relations with the Communist-run nation of Vietnam. That is understandable, considering America’s painful, protracted Vietnam War experience, which claimed the lives of more than 50,000 U.S. military personnel. Nevertheless, now, ...

‘Good’ And ‘Constitutional’ Differ

Local Commentaries

CHAUTAUQUA—Let’s pick up where we left off last week. The U.S. Supreme Court’s opinion taking race-based college and university admissions off the table is a ringing reaffirmation of—to borrow a phrase from the Fourteenth Amendment—”the equal protection of the laws.” This ...

‘Valuable Service’

Editor's Corner

Huddled among the cameras and microphones of reporters during a press briefing with former state Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Dunkirk-Fredonia’s highly regarded radio news director was growing impatient. On a February day in 2016 when the focus was supposed to be on future developments in northern ...