Boasting By Putin Is Unwarranted

In Our Opinion

Americans old enough to remember the prediction “We will bury you,” pronounced by Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Union premier from 1958-64, still might recall some of the “few choice words” they uttered in response. Khrushchev, who was adept at making predictions regarding a U.S. demise, ...

Smaller Players Can Pack Big Punches

Local Commentaries

CHAUTAUQUA — If you think smaller players can’t pack big punches, meet OpenTheBooks.com. Adam Andzejewski, chief executive officer of OpenTheBooks.com, calls it the largest database of government money in or out of government. Andzejewski has an encyclopedic knowledge of government ...

‘Low Morale’ Creates Rush To Fredonia Exits

Editor's Corner

Former Fredonia Department of Public Works Supervisor Tony Gugino could see the writing on the wall. Months before he turned in his letter for retirement that was read at the May 10 Village Board meeting, he sensed the grind was becoming tougher each day. It had nothing to do with serving the ...

A Better Plan For Washington Street Property

In Our Opinion

The longer the plan to create a central garage for the city of Jamestown’s vehicle fleet on Washington Street lingers, the more questions it raises. We have taken issue in the past with the idea of taking a commerical property off the tax rolls when other sites are just as well suited to ...

County GOP Has No Idea How To Improve County Economy

Letters To The Editor

To The Reader’s Forum: In December 2005, when the last Democratic Chautauqua County Executive left office, the county’s labor forcec was 66,500 people. In December 2019, before the pandemic, Chautauqua County’s labor force was only 53,200 people, a decline of 13,300. These numbers are ...