Remembering The Good Old Days

Local Commentaries

Yesterday I spent part of the morning picking red raspberries. My son had told me they were ready so I went down for some. They were not as nice as I hoped but I got about a quart of them. They reminded me of Don. He had a patch of red raspberries at his house before we got married. He would ...

School Districts Should Keep Teacher Evaluations Simple

In Our Opinion

Almost lost in the avalanche of legislation passed in the closing days of this year’s state legislative session was a bill untying teacher evaluations from state-mandated tests. Good riddance to bad rubbish. We don’t necessarily disagree with the idea of creating ways to hold poor ...

Our View: Special Ed Needs More Attention

In Our Opinion

Unfunded mandates, products of the federal and state governments, do not sit well with local-level units of government. Neither do those mandates sit well with school districts and institutions of higher learning, especially as they are trying to prepare and balance new budget ...

County shines in reacting, poor in planning

Editor's Corner

FORESTVILLE — In stepping forward to lead a press conference this week to address a tornado touching down on the outskirts of this hamlet, Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel can be at his best. He’s an excellent communicator and never shies away when there is an emergency. Minutes after ...

Carroll Project Illustrates State’s Building Problem

In Our Opinion

It doesn’t appear that anyone wants a five-unit apartment complex in Frewsburg. A recent special Carroll Town Board meeting lasting more than two hours included not one comment in favor of a project proposed by Diamond Builders Construction at 82 Falconer St., Frewsburg. But, the project ...