What To Do If You Haven’t Heard From Your New Plan

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Question: The annual open enrollment period is over and I still haven’t heard from my new plan, what do I do? Answer: Today is almost the end of Open Enrollment (December 7), and most of you have made your 2022 Insurance Plan decision. You have changed your insurance choices for the New ...

Fauci Is Putting Us At Risk

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A new COVID-19 variant, reported from sub-Saharan Africa on Wednesday, has caused many developed countries to halt travel from that region without delay. All except America, which, thanks to Anthony Fauci, dithered and ultimately put into place a tepid plan to go into effect on Monday. As if ...

Coping With No Electric

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In the more than fifty years that I have lived in the country we have had two Christmases when the electric was out. If you are used to country electricity you know that it used to go out frequently. Thankfully, we have fewer power outages these days. The first Christmas without electricity ...

Resettling Refugees In City Fits With Our American Ideals

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On its face, the idea of resettling 20 refugee families in Jamestown shouldn’t send everyone into a panic. We are a country of immigrants whose ancestors at some point left their homelands for either a better life. The fact that our society has done a poor job in recent decades of coming ...

Keeping Abreast Of Sewer Extension Work

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If you get off the main road (Route 394) as you drive north and west from the BOCES School at Ashville and head down toward the lake, you will see construction equipment putting in the laterals for the new West Lake Sewer System extension. You will also see a lot of small, colored flags ...