Bring Back The Old Republican Party

Local Commentaries

In the old days, one could pretty much predict and describe the national Republican Party as that political force in America which opposed deficit spending, promoted smaller government and was pro-business. Today, describing the Grand Old Party (GOP) it is not that easy. The party has ...

United States Must Confront Lead Pipe Problem

In Our Opinion

“Your tap water can hang out in some pretty seedy joints” is the message in close proximity to containers of one brand of bottled water sold by some area stores. Accompanying that message and, of course, the containers of water for sale is a picture depicting one example of the ...

County GOP Machine On Cruise Control

Editor's Corner

Chautauqua County Republicans appear to be less than engaged when it comes to this year’s election. A visit to its home page at www.chautauquagop.com shows two bits of information: one congratulating the candidates for 2020 and another promising more news coming soon. Recent updates — like ...