Once In Lifetime Event

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I had another article ready to send, but the eclipse was on my mind. I just had to share my experience. Although the totality of it eluded me, nevertheless what happened was spectacular. My night lights came on. I also saw photographs of cities where the lights were on. First, let me say that ...

Despite Strict Gun Laws, Weapons Still Wind Up In Wrong Hands

In Our Opinion

During a probation check on Jamestown’s east side earlier this week, officers found a rifle with a defaced serial number in a home with a convicted felon who isn’t allowed to have firearms. Last week, two handguns - one stolen - were found during a drug raid on Whitley Avenue. A drug ...

Boeing, Boeing!

Letters To The Editor

To The Reader’s Forum: Why is it that the Government and the Media keep going after Boeing? Before I retired, I was an Independent Contractor (inspector) working for a company that built Nuclear Submarines. From my experience and background, the majority of these failures are due to ...

Christians Are Offended By The Wrong Things

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Some Christians are offended by all the wrong things: Starbucks cups, Easter eggs, and now, the vicissitudes of the calendar. Instead, they should be offended by more vital things like ignorance, intolerance, and hate. In Rev. Mel McGinnis’ latest mash-up of politics and religion, he says, ...

Clarifying Comments On Herbicides In Mayville

Local Commentaries

Since I was called out in the April 17 Post-Journal opinion piece, I need to make some clarification. The irony here is that because the quote ascribed to me was erroneous or at least out of context, the reality is that my point at the meeting was exactly that of the editorial writer. My ...