Returning To Normal

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I don’t know about you but, as to politics, I am glad the election is over and things are returning a bit to normal. The Presidential election campaign was too long, too contentious and too all-consuming. I feel out of breath. At my age, enough is enough. Okay, we might have disagreed ...

Take A Look At How Maine Splits Their Electoral Votes

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I like the way Maine does their ballots and splits the electoral college votes. I have always felt that New York City controls our entire state of New York during the voting process. All 29 electoral votes always go to the Democrats and everyone knows it. It’s not a fair way to do ...

What Have We Done?

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It is now five days after the election and we have no definitive answer as to who won. I know there were other times when the results were not known, but that was back in the horse and buggy days. With today’s technology things ought to be better and not worse. It would appear that most ...