Invitation Springs From Liberty

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Dierdra McCloskey, professor of economics and history, has offered powerful insights for several decades, culminating in her multi-volume work with the theme of “bourgeois dignity.” She explains why, for most of history, poverty was so pervasive, and why the standards of living in western ...

The Humility Factor

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When I was growing up, my dad would sometimes caution me with the words “don’t get a big head over it.” It was advice which usually came when I was bragging about some great accomplishment I thought I had achieved. My father was a proponent of the biblical admonition: “Humble yourselves ...

Time For A Bipartisan Convention To Cut Spending

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Party time is over. Republicans have just ended their national nominating convention, while Democrats capped theirs off last week. Throughout both conventions, speakers directed their firepower at the “enemy,” the opposing political party incapable of doing anything well. But what ...

Labor Day Then And Now — Is It Still Relevant?

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Ask people what comes to mind with the mention of “Labor Day,” and you will most likely hear two responses: “Back to school” and “Can’t wear white.” This is a far cry from the holiday founders’ intent and might make one wonder whether Labor Day has lost its relevance. A look ...

You Have The Power To Help Your Local Economy

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People have a lot of power to improve the economy where they live. Most don’t realize how much power. They also don’t know how easy it is to make a big difference. Few like to see their hard earned tax dollars go to other communities. Most think that the money the government takes out of ...