Get Vaccinated If You Are At Risk For Hepatitis A

In Our Opinion

Hepatitis A isn’t exactly the virus everybody is keeping an eye on this year — except, in Chautauqua County, for the Chautauqua County Health Department. Typically, the county has one or two cases a year, but the past year has seen 50 hepatitis A cases in the county. That total ...

State Lawmakers Should End Cuomo’s Stunt

In Our Opinion

Why, exactly, does Gov. Andrew Cuomo need a first-in-the-nation gun violence disaster emergency if the SAFE Act is as good as advertised? That’s a good question for which we have no good answer. Chances are, neither does the governor. Guns are still getting into the hands of those who ...

Don’t Give Up Your Gasoline Car Quite Yet

Local Commentaries

Friends of ours have children and grandchildren who live in the New York City area and they often drive there. They can make it in about 7 hours in their SUV. Now that everyone is talking about electric cars, I was wondering how long it would take them to make that drive in an ...

Giglio: Chief Judge Should Recuse From Cuomo Trial

Letters To The Editor

Our governmental institutions – executive, legislative, and judicial - are only as effective as they are trustworthy. We expect our judges to be impartial arbiters of fact, and that is why I am so upset about Chief Judge Janet DiFiore accepting prioritized testing for herself and her ...

No Tigers For This Bryn Mawr Girl

Local Commentaries

As a Bryn Mawr girl, I never particularly cottoned to Princeton boys. Oh, sure, their campus was lovely. But so was ours – same Gothic architecture. Chuck’s and my relationship was brief (was his name even “Chuck”?), ending with a finality when I mailed him a dead goldfish. (I did ...