Small Step By County Is A Big Setback For Transparency

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Tucked into a resolution for Wednesday’s Chautauqua County Legislature meeting is a two-word change that drastically decreases the legislature’s transparency with the public. Currently, the legislature and its committees post verbatim minutes of meetings — except for presentations — ...

Every Family Should Call For Their Free Smoke Detector

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Most people run away from burning building. Jamestown Police Officer Mark Conklin isn’t most people. While on a service call early Monday morning on Baker Street, Conklin was notified of a possible fire on nearby William Street. With time of the essence, Conklin ran into the burning ...

Don’t Disregard State’s Denial Of Pops Permits

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The state Office of General Services had, before last Friday, reached an interesting conclusion regarding Chautauqua Lake Pops’ use of a floating stage near Lakeside Park in Mayville. State officials who have no particular dog in the fight decided that the Chautauqua Lake Pops is not a ...

Modeling The Lungs Of A Covid Patient

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I tried to argue with a couple of Bemus Point business friends about dangers from the corona-19 virus, to no avail. Knowing that pictures are worth more than words and pictures of 3 d assemblies better yet, below are CT scans, printed in my labs with 3-D printing, from the data of the lungs ...

Making The Case For More Roundabouts

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One of the places I lived before settling in the Village of Westfield was New England. I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts which then had the distinction of being the most densely populated area around. Drivers there, like everywhere else in New England, drove lots of traffic circles, ...

Golf At Its Best

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Golf is, in many ways, a strange sport. You can have many matches and tournaments in the game, but there is always only one common opponent—the golf course itself. The scoreboard may show you playing against another person (or persons,) but the real opponent is the golf course. The water, ...