Thanks To All Those Who Make Holocaust, Social Justice Program Possible

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To The Reader’s Forum:

Thank you to the adults involved in planning and chaperoning the capstone trip for students in the Holocaust and Social Justice Program of Chautauqua County. I’m sure the students from the eight local school districts involved in this course of study and the trip to Washington DC benefitted from the tours and speakers, as well as the conversations with other students and adults on the trip and those they met in all situations.

The article in the Thursday (April 11, 2024) edition of The Post-Journal reported the itinerary of the trip and highlighted comments made by students, teachers, and lecturers. The choice to have Maureen Rovegno on the agenda was ideal – because of her local connections and her ability to inspire others. I’m sure her message was impactful and provided students and adults with thoughts and emotions that connected their experiences at the Holocaust Museum and the Museum of African American History and Culture with current issues.

If you did not read the article carefully, please take the time to read about the trip and the impact it made on both students and adults. The encouragement to consider the past while moving forward armed with knowledge from these kinds of experiences will provide our young people with the skills necessary to influence our leaders and be the leaders we need in the future.

Thank you to the trip sponsors, the Hebrew Congregation of Chautauqua, and all those who made the trip possible. Valuable learning occurred.

Carol Hay



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