Homeowner Wants Information Sooner, Rather Than Later, On Lake

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To The Reader’s Forum:

For the past several years we have dreamed of one day retiring on Chatauqua Lake. Our dream finally came true last July, when we closed on a lake house in Busti/Lakewood. We chose this location because of Lakewood and its great community feel, and the wonderful neighborhoods. We totally invested in the area, because of what we saw. We worked with a local realtor, hired a local attorney for the closing, went on to purchase a boat from one of our local marinas, and hired and paid for a brand new dock, also from a local supplier. We even hired a local contractor and began our renovations on the house. This has been truly exciting until we saw the article posted last weekend about the proposed DEC designation of the southern, or a portion of the southern basin, to wetlands.

Obviously, I am concerned. Why have a lake house if you can’t gain access to the lake. It makes me feel horrible until I think of those families in the area that have spent decades, if not generations, on this lake, and enjoying all it offers. To then be told that there may be “changes” is unsettling to all those listening. Will I lose my dock? Will my home value decrease? When I speak to others, they all say the same thing, “we don’t know what is going to happen.” Speculation, and worrying is not healthy. If I read the article correctly, the state will let us know the impact later in the year. I think we need to know now. I think we should know if our input so far has resonated with the DEC. Will there be some level of further discussion? Regardless, I don’t think any of us should sit back and wait for the outcome.

I did contact the mayor of Lakewood yesterday and he said they are working hard on this situation. Maybe we should all be working on this.

Eric S. Treend

Beechwood, Ohio


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