Write Now: What If Superman And Spider-Man Worked Together?

Being a journalist, at times, I wonder if Superman, Clark Kent, and Spider-Man, Peter Parker, could work at the same newspaper.

I mean, what would it be like if two superheroes shared the same space?

Would one know of the other and vice versa?

Would they be sent out together to cover an event? Kent would write the story while Parker would tell the story in pictures.

After a few initial assignments, would they become a news gathering team?

Would they be equals?

In the superhero universe it would be hard for the duo to work together because Superman is in the DC Comics realm and Spider-Man is in the Marvel Comics realm.

Set DC and Marvel aside for minute.

But wouldn’t be neat to see them on the beat?

I wonder who would work the hardest in the tandem?

They couldn’t work at Parker’s paper The Daily Bugle or Kent’s newspaper, the Daily Planet. Their editor couldn’t be the Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson or the Daily Planet’s Perry White. They would move to New York City, and probably work for the second-largest newspaper in the city. If we are in the current digital time frame, a 24-hour news cycle, then each would have other job-relatable skills. Parker would sometimes have to write his stories and Kent would have to take photos. Kent and Parker would have to learn how to shoot and edit video, and also learn how to record and edit a podcast. After all, in the Big Apple, some journalists become celebrities. Maybe they would. And if they collaborate on a project, would they share equal billing? Whose name would come first on a dual by-line?

But I guess a question that may be raised is would both hear the same distress call? If they did, being superheroes would they recognize each other? And then back at the paper could you imagine them smack talking with each other when there are few others in proximity?

The script may go something like this:


Way to make sure that guy could get home safely.


I didn’t need your help. I had it

under control.

You always show up just a little late. Why show up at all?


Don’t get cocky, kid!

I saw you had it under control,

so I backed off.


There are so many crime calls,

and you always pick

the same as me. Find different

crimes. Oh that’s

right. Without me,

you get lost

in this big city.


I oughtta…

And then their editor would find them, and ask them to cover a story because it boosts the paper’s circulation and online presence, and all would be forgiven.

My choice for editor would be Tony Vincenzo, Karl Kolchak’s editor at the fictional Independent News Service. And speaking about Kolchak, he too, would write for the paper. He would write about police and courts news and also research urban myths happening in the city. Oftentimes he would pay more attention to the myths than to his own beat. And sometimes, the police beat would overlap with the myths.

I could see Bruce Wayne, and Wayne Enterprises owning the newspaper. He could be the deciding vote on daily dilemmas. He doesn’t have any superpowers, just his mind, and of course his money.

And of course the paper’s name would be The Citizen.

Because of its scrappiness, I think the paper would have an immediate impact on the Big Apple.

I would love to read its first issue.


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