Reader Disagrees With Cuomo’s Hiring Standards

To The Reader’s Forum:

Governor Cuomo is making it illegal to refuse to hire or promote anyone because an employer doesn’t like the way he looks or doesn’t like anything else about him.

How can you run a business effectively if your employees aren’t people you want or at least are comfortable with and can talk to naturally? And just why is the State telling anyone who they can hire in the first place? Why can’t an owner hire all men, all women, all black, all white, all Presbyterians or all Catholics, all young or all old, all Democrats or all Republicans, all Yankee fans or all Dodgers, all classical music lovers or all rock fans? I’ll tell you why. It is because these laws advance the careers of advocates and activists and the activists and advocates donate to politicians and the Democratic Party. It is because the law will help destroy small, non-unionized businesses. Small businesses donate for puppies and childhood diseases. Big businesses in New York and their unions donate to Democrats. The pretty talk about fairness is fig leaves and flowers for fools and journalists.

We constantly hear the lie that women are paid less than men. If they believe that in Albany why didn’t they put an exemption in this law for women? Women could start companies and hire only women and give them pay that splits the difference between what they get elsewhere and “what they are really worth.” Such companies could undersell the “male dominated” competition and run them out of business. Then someone would form another company and split the new deference between what the first company paid and what the women are “really worth.” Then a third company would split the new difference. How long could the “gender disparity” or any other “discriminatory disparity” last in such a free economy? They didn’t include the exemption because it wouldn’t benefit the Democratic Party.

Norman Carlson