Christian Leader Musisi Bringing Peace To Uganda

To The Reader’s Forum:

Check out this sample of headlines over the past 30 days: Ramadan in Mali: Muslims [murder 20] people resting under a tree; Ramadan in Iraq: Islamic State jihadis murder family of 12; Ramadan in Mozambique: Muslims behead 10 people, including children; Ramadan in Belgium: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar”… kills three, including two police officers. Add it all up and the month of Ramadan resulted in 182 attacks 854 deaths in 25 countries, not to mention uncounted rapes, beatings, acts of vandalism, and mutilations.

What’s up with that? Ramadan, we’re told, “is a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam.” So, why the violence? One person posted tongue-in-cheek: “If only infidels, apostates, heretics, etc. weren’t so “Islamophobic, the killing would stop.” Though a favorite fake reason on the left is Islamophobia, the real reason lies in the Islamic teachings. If only the Koran didn’t command Muslims to be violent (Koran 9: 5, 29, 111; 47: 4, and 48: 29), we wouldn’t witness the Koran-inspired carnage.

Contrast that to the Prime Minister of Uganda appointing Dr. Jennifer Musisi to be the Executive Director of the KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority). Opposition from Muslims quickly flared up. Issuing a fatwa on her life, symbolic funeral services for her included ritualistic burials of her picture at make-shift graves. Yet, Jennifer persevered, even blessing those who persecuted her as a Christian. Money squandered in corruption became money applied for construction. The road system remarkably improved with proper drainage installed. As the city underwent positive change, a number of Muslims over time changed their tune and have sided with her.

At a worshipful thanksgiving service in Kampala, I heard her speak, invoking the presence of God to bless the ongoing work and bring glory to His name. She urged her nation to respect their country’s national anthem and know the lyrics by heart. “Oh Uganda! May God uphold thee. We lay our future in thy hand. United, free, for liberty, together we’ll always stand.” She epitomizes their nation’s motto: For God and for my country.

The person I used to associate with Uganda was the ruthless dictator Idi Amin. Growing up in the 1970’s, I wasn’t aware that his religion was Islam. Whatever he was, the spirit in Idi Amin is not the Spirit in Jennifer Musisi. The nation known by Winston Churchill as “the pearl of Africa” has a gem in Jennifer.

The Rev. Mel McGinnis



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