Remembering A Dark Past

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To the Readers Forum:

9-11 has been over 20 years ago, but most of us remember how evil it was. Two planes crashed into the twin towers, one into the Pentagon, and one into a field in Pennsylvania. Many people were killed. The killers were Muslims who were pretending to be men interested in learning to fly places. The Muslims smiled and laughed, but they were evil men.

And a little over a month ago evil Muslims attacked in Israel, but this time the evil of the Muslims was easier for people to see and feel. People were shot, heads cut off, women raped, and people taken captive. And the killers and captives ended up in miles of tunnels in Gaza.

These Hamas Muslims want to kill the Israelies, the Americans, and anyone in the West who will stand against them. The evil Hamas killers must be destroyed even though their captives might be killed and people living in Gaza killed.

In World War II the Americans had to destroy the Japanese Empire. And hundreds of American boys were killed on the beaches and tunnels in Asia. Finally it took two atomic bombs to get Japan to surrender. War is Hell, and many innocent people die.

Bob Pumford,



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