Right To Vote Sacred, Whether It Be For Major Or Minor Parties

To The Reader’s Forum:

This letter is sent to address the Op-Ed column on Sunday, April 29, 2018, in The Post-Journal by Norman Green, Chautauqua County Democrat election commissioner who is also the chairman of the Chautauqua County Democratic Party.

Number one, this is a free country and the right to vote as one pleases is a long-cherished privelege of registered voters in a given party.

Mr. Green seems to attack this in his statement, “… everything they (voters) don’t like about Albany politics or confusing elections is based in the minor political parties in New York state and Chautauqua County and absolutely influences the election that will take place November 6. (2018)”

Mr. Green acknowledges that minor parties assist candidates in getting elected on major party lines. So, if there were no minor parties, there would be Democrat and Republican parties only. This would eliminate candidates of minor parties from applying for endorsement. Minor parties have assisted candidates in a major party get elected.

Also, it is important to make it publicly known that in a general election, members of major and minor parties can vote on the line in which they are not registered! Conservatives can vote on the Republican line and vice versa.

The “Opportunity to Ballot” petition offers an opportunity for party members to “write in” a candidate of their choice. This is a freedom to be cherished and protected.

As commissioner of election for the Democrat Party, it seems to me that Norm Green is attacking the legal rights of registered party members. Does he feel that only the Democrat Party has the answer to state and county issues?

Christina Jones