RCS Honors Van Rensselaer For 56 Years Of Service

Howard Van Rensselaer with a group of his past and present coworkers. Submitted photo

RANDOLPH — In a heartfelt recognition at the Randolph Central School Board meeting Feb. 7, Howard V. Van Rensselaer, the familiar face behind Randolph Central School buses for 56 years, was recognized for his unwavering commitment.

Joining RCS in 1967 as a school bus driver, Van Rensselaer’s journey has been marked by steadfast dedication, always offering a helping hand to the students he served.

Beyond his role as a bus driver, Van Rensselaer has been an integral part of the Randolph community for decades. In July 1965, he established the Van Rensselaer & Son Funeral Home in Randolph. Over the years, he actively participated in numerous clubs and organizations, and he was elected as a Cattaraugus County legislator for three terms.

Charles Shevlin, RCS school business official, expressed the district’s gratitude, stating, “We are honored to commend Howard for his 56 years of unwavering dedication to Randolph Central School District. His commitment to our school and community is truly appreciated and admired.”

Ryan Sluga, RCS Transportation Supervisor, added, “Howard’s dedication to the Randolph students has been exceptional. His commitment and generosity to the school, students, and community are incomparable; he will be missed.”

Kaine Kelly, RCS Superintendent, reflected on Van Rensselaer’s lasting impact, stating, “Over five decades, Howard Van Rensellear has not only been a pillar of safety and support for Randolph Central School District students but also a cherished part of their shared experiences. His dedication and compassion have touched countless lives, leaving a legacy that extends far beyond the bus route.”

At the meeting, Julie Milliman, school board president, presented Van Rensselaer with a resolution expressing the board’s sincere appreciation for his 56 years of service. Part of the resolution stated, “Howard Van Rensselaer has not only been an exceptional bus driver but has also been recognized and honored as a distinguished member of the Wall of Fame at our school, leaving an indelible mark on the Randolph Central School District community through his service, leadership, and contributions.”

A reception was held before the school board meeting on Feb. 7, where many of Van Rensselaer’s current and past coworkers attended to wish him well on his retirement.


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