Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Announces Students Of 1Q

Reuben Smart
Ashley Anderson
Abby Gens
Rachel McEntire

Bethel Baptist Christian Academy in Jamestown has announced its students of the first quarter. They are:

Reuben Smart is a second grade student. He is the son of Pastor Tim and Kerri Smart. Reuben’s favorite subject is gym. He also enjoys playing soccer. His favorite books are the “I Survived” series. His favorite food is meatloaf and his favorite place to visit is Vermont.

Ashley Anderson is in fifth grade. She is the daughter of Jonathan and Arlene Anderson. Ashley loves to read. Her favorite books are the Nancy Drew series. Her favorite Bible story is Noah’s Ark. She loves to eat steak and she enjoys drawing. She also loves playing with her kitty.

Abby Gens is in the seventh grade. She is the daughter of Denise and Ed Gens. Her favorite subjects are Math and English. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, dancing, going on trips with her family and American girl dolls.

Rachel McEntire is in 11th grade. She is the daughter of Keith and Melissa McEntire. Her favorite subjects are Math & Science. She says she enjoys learning new things. She enjoys crafts, taking pictures, listening to music, playing with animals and playing Dutch Blitz with her family.


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