Curling Leagues

Week 3 of the Northwest Arena Winter Backyard Curling Leagues sponsored by Dot’s Gift Boutique demonstrated how close the race to the championship in each league will be.


Head for the Mountains was the lone squad to go 2-0 on the night. Rachel Anderson guided them past Pepsi 46-30 and The Dinner Bell 41-39.

Catherine Johnner ensured a bounceback for Scuba Crew as they defeated Pepsi 38-29.

Greg Anderson provided a late push for Guys & Curls to avoid an upset from Shoeless Joe’s 49-46.

Kidney Stones and Deborah Piotrowski fended off Scuba Crew 35-34.

Legion of Broom took down Kidney Stones in high-flying fashion 54-41.

TRCurlers and Todd Szczech won another shootout versus Legion of Broom 55-48.

Joe Salvaggio cooled off Guys & Curls to pick up a momentum-shifting win for Button Blockers 49-35.

Joe Jackson is trying to keep Shoeless Joe’s on the path to back-to-back titles. They vanquished War Vets 39-34.

Fruit of the Brooms witnessed Pete Snyder take control in a photo finish over TRCurlers 49-46.

Leslie Breen and the War Vets picked up a solid win by edging Fruit of the Brooms in the first slate 35-33.

Jim Nelson and The Dinner Bell picked up their first win on the year in a thriller with Button Blockers 39-33.


Don Liden and Wayne Bankowski elevated Lakeshore East to first place. They put up solid performances against Rock Blockers 36-25 and Tree Huggers 44-32.

Jennifer Hefright led Sip & Sliders to almost identical wins. They outmatched Sly & the Family Stone 30-24 followed by a 30-25 win versus Lakeshore Paving.

Jim Sposato escorted Sour Pickles to a 37-25 victory over Stark Company. Then, Steve Arnold helped them put up incredible numbers in a whopping 58-40 contest with Pickle Pushers.

Rand Machine got their engines started fast in a 49-28 controlling win to beat Snow Good at This.

Scott Dibble assisted Snow Good at This in a rebound win against Sly & the Family Stone 43-40.

Dennis Palermo and Stark Company came up with a barnburner victory.

Kathy Geary came to curl for Pickle Pushers as they upended Tree Huggers 47-40.

Rock Blockers scored two critical points in the final end to come away with a 34-33 win over Curl Jam. Laura Anderson was the star of the evening.

Stacy Felton helped build some momentum for Lakeshore Paving in their 33-26 ambush of Curl Jam.


Chris Secky and Mike Stevenson continued the perfect season for Gren’s Growlers. They blasted Girls with Stones 51-32 and snuck past Drunken Sliders 39-29.

Geriatric Curling Machine scored the most points on the night behind Mark Melquist and Gary Dove. The pair guided them to wins over Hindy’s Hurlers 44-39 and Rolling Stones 50-45.

Curling Me Softly has assembled a nice winning streak thanks to Joe and Lindsey Vitello. They escaped the wrath of Rolling Stones 47-40 and stomped on Had a Few 45-25.

Josh Johnson and Curl Jam took care of We Love Beer in the first slate 41-27.

Sarah Mott filled in nicely for Hindy’s Hurlers as they came away with a 32-25 win against Girls with Stones.

Jennifer Baudo had the hot hand for Drunken Sliders, who annihilated Stone Cold Maidens 55-30.

However, Nancy Tuccio and the Maidens regrouped and rearmed in the second game. They squeaked by Curl Jam 40-39.

Ryan Patti came in the clutch to secure the first win on the year for Bad to the Stones. The squad captured a 37-35 victory versus Had a Few.

We Love Beer struck gold in the win column for the first time as well. They ensured it was only one win for Bad to the Stones in a 33-28 thriller.


12 oz. Curlers are still without a blemish thanks to Dylan Matteson and Justin Swanson. They handled In the House 39-33 and came out victorious in an instant classic with Brush Offs 31-28.

George Panebianco shifted gears to place In the House at the second spot. They won two tight games with Ice Men 37-33 and Curling Q’s 27-24.

Smokin’ Rocks witnessed greatness from Jason Britt and Matt Hanley. The squad is back on track with conquests of Ice & Easy 35-28 and Got Stones 34-20.

Curls Gone Wild punched their first two in the win column on the year. Steve Ryberg led the way in a 35-21 domination of Rolling Stones. Following that game, Mark Snow contributed nicely to a 32-29 close-call win over In the House.

Steve Shelters and The Brush Offs blindsided Curling Q’s 46-21.

Kiersten Hanson got the job done for Ice & Easy in a 23-15 dogfight with Rolling Stones.

Kym Eimiller of Slone Melhuish is being recognized for her supreme curling after a 38-31 triumph toppling Got Stones.

Randy Kent bounced back nicely for Ice Men to secure their first win. They outmatched Slone Melhuish in the second slate 32-30.


Dan Davis and Steve Chambers of Dot’s Men remain without a loss. They almost doubled up Six Stones and a Stick 34-18 and finished strong against Ice Holes 45-36.

Cold as Ice made backyard curling history on Wednesday night. With all of the pressure on Bill Anderson, he delivered in the deciding moments to help his team come away with a 51-50 quadruple-overtime victory. Four overtimes is now the longest game ever played at Northwest Arena. Michelle Ricker took charge in a not-so-close 54-36 win the next game to go 2-0.

Dave Currie’s veins were Sub Zero in photo finishes with Ice Holes 39-37 and Haggy’s Jr. Curling Crew 25-24.

Dave Snow and Troy Rinaldo were the dynamic duo for Stone Cold Sippers. Snow took control in a 29-19 brawl with Home Despots. It was Rinaldo who put the finishing touches on Barney’s Hoof Trimming 35-32.

12 oz. Curlers and Eric Scolton were scorching as they blew by Draw a Blank 52-33.

Brent Anderson and Barney’s split their close games. They walked away hold their breaths in a 32-31 nail-biter with DH}SW. Danielle Bergman avenged that loss for DH}SW in a 40-33 upset of 12 oz. Curlers.

Brittany Reitz was a force to be reckoned with for Six Stones and a Stick. They put Home Despots to bed 41-38.


Cold Beer Here took over the top spot with two victories over Premier Listings 37-35 and Bourbon 420 48-34 with Rich Miller and Steve Tanner leading the way.

Seminar Group slid their way to two wins, with Rob White sliding the decisive stone in overtime to knock off the Bemus Boulders 59-57 and Rex McCray showing off his curling prowess in a 53-37 win over Haggy’s 4 Below.

Sweeping Beauties posted two wins, behind strong play from Anne Schettine as they bested Bemus Sliders 54-37 and Premier Listings 61-42.

Always Late topped On the Rocks 51-36 as Ben Snow was their leading curler and Joanna Paterniti led Tracey’s Dog past Haggy’s 4 Below 50-41.

Lions and Bears knocked off Bourbon 420 53-43 and Always Late 44-39 behind strong play from Barb Lyons and Dawn Columbare.

Haggy’s 4 Below had a impressive 62-36 win over Bemus Sliders as Craig Darby was the first star.


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