Aldrich Claims New Year’s Sweeper

Austin Aldrich defeated Larry Pischera in the final to win the New Year’s Day Sweeper at Jamestown Bowling Company on Friday.

Aldrich topped Howie McIntyre Jr. in the semifinals while Pischera advanced by beating Dan Walker.

In the quarterfinals, Aldrich topped Ray Textor; Pischera beat Michelle Conti; McIntyre ousted Stephanie Tompkins and Walker downed Tab Berkhous.

McIntyre had the high series on the day with a 279-278-224-781 while Berkhous rolled a 278-268-234-780. Aldrich had a 268-267-725, Textor spilled a 254-243-226-723, Tom Battaglia had a 276-698, Dan Gould rolled a 266-236-693, Pischera cracked a 246-236-684 and Tompkins blasted a 233-229-220-682.

Jamestown Bowling Company: New Year’s Day Sweeper–Dan Walker 235-224-673, Ryan Colburn 226-222-664, Jeff Arnold 227-651, Andrew Chapman 225-649, Jamie Willey 224-223-647, Alex Johnson 229-224-636, Chris Conti 232-222-632, Tom Lester 247-629, Jim Glotz 242-237-628, Andy Proctor 247-624


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