Southwestern Boys, Girls Post Sweep Over CLCS

Southwestern’s Declan Kennedy shows his winning form in the 400-meter hurdles on Tuesday during a CCAA track & field meet against Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton. P-J photo by Christian Storms

Declan Kennedy won three events and Connor Young won a pair to lead Southwestern to a dominating 107-34 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys track & field victory over Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton on Tuesday at the Fran Sirianni Athletic Complex.

Kennedy captured the 110-meter hurdles (16.0), 400-meter hurdles (58.8) and 200 meters (24.3), while Young claimed the long jump (19-11) and triple jump (38-10) for the Trojans (3-0, 2-0).

Nick Jacobson took the 100 meters (11.6) and high jump (5-8) for the Eagles (0-2).

In the girls matchup, M’Kenzie Zavala, Alexis Grijalva, Emma Lewis and Faith Hamilton were all double winners for Southwestern in a 97-44 victory.

Zavala won the 100-meter hurdles (18.4) and 400-meter hurdles (1:14.7), Grijalva took the 100 meters (14.1) and 400 meters (1:02.6), Lewis captured the 1,500 meters (5:10) and 3,000 meters (11:07.7), and Hamilton claimed the shot put (33-3) and discus (100-2) for the Trojans (3-0, 2-0).

Southwestern’s Alexis Grijalva crosses the finish line first in the 400 meters. P-J photo by Christian Storms

Jada Cole was victorious in the 200 meters (28.4) and high jump (4-10) for the Eagles.


3,200m relay: Southwestern (Trey Faulk, Tate James, Donavin Brown, Lukas Svenson). T–10:09

110m hurdles: Declan Kennedy (S), Sam Kautzman (S), Gavin Gresh (CL/W/B). T–16.0

100m: Nick Jacobson (CL/W/B), Connor Young (S), Issac Stoughton (CL/W/B). T–11.6

Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton’s Jada Cole clears the bar in the high jump. P-J photo by Christian Storms

1,600m: Faulk (S), James (S), Brown (S). T–4:53

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Jacobson, Stoughton, Camerson Paternosh, Michael Horvath). T–47.5

400m: Matt Butterfield (S), Ebbad Meer (S), Xavier Zerbery (CL/W/B). T–58.4

400m hurdles: Kennedy (S), Kautzman (S), Gresh (CL/W/B). T–58.8

800m: Brown (S), Faulk (S), Alex Bourgeois (CL/W/B). T–2:22

The Eagles’ Nick Jacobson leads the field in the 100 meters during Tuesday’s Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track & field meet at the Fran Sirianni Athletic Complex at Southwestern Central School. P-J photo by Christian Storms

200m: Kennedy (S), Butterfield (S), Brody Larson (S). T–24.3

3,200m: Svenson (S), Braun (CL/W/B), Lincoln Smith (CL/W/B). T–11:16

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Kautzman, Liam Rankin, Meer, Cole Johnson). T–4:14

Long jump: Young (S), Trent Casselman (S), Neves Hoose (S). D–19-11

Triple jump: Young (S), Horvath (CL/W/B), Chase Hartnett (S). D–38-10

High jump: Jacobson (CL/W/B), Casselman (S), Kole Lyon (S). D–5-8

Shot put: Leo Kavic (S), Tyler McIntyre (S), Walter Lukasiak (CL/W/B). D–42-11

Discus: Lukasiak (CL/W/B), McIntyre (S), APowell (CL/W/B). D–126-0

Pole vault: Johnson (S), John Conley (S), Gabe Tyger (S). D–10-6


3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Eve Kushmaul, Lydia Kushmaul, Olivia Wolfe, Sophia Wolfe). T–10:51.0

100m hurdles: M’Kenzie Zavala (S), Mackenzie Rogers (S), OWolfe (CL/W/B). T–18.4

100m: Alexis Grijalva (S), Lily Otto (CL/W/B), Megan Blakeslee (CL/W/B). T–14.1

1,500m: Emma Lewis (S), Meredith Lendt (CL/W/B), LKushmaul (CL/W/B). T–5:10.0

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Quinn Putney, Blakeslee, Otto, Jada Cole). T–54.1

400m: Grijalva (S), Marlana Cresanti (S), N/A (CL/W/B). T–1:02.6

400m hurdles: Zavala (S), Rogers (S), EKushmaul (CL/W/B). T–1:14.7

800m: Kate Miller (S), Emma Malmstrom-Jouannet (S), Lendt (CL/W/B). T–2:43.8

200m: Cole (CL/W/B), Grijalva (S), Cresanti (S). T–28.4

3,000m: Lewis (S), Lucy Brown (S), Lillian Wiekel (S). T–11:07.7

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton (Putney, Kushmaul, Wolfe, Wolfe). T–4:44.3

Long jump: SWolfe (CL/W/B), Katie Bishop (S), Lauren Cotter (S). D–14-5

Triple jump: Bishop (S), Cotter (S), Reece Beaver (S). D–30-9

High jump: Cole (CL/W/B), Cresanti (S), Katelyn Emhardt (CL/W/B). H–4-10

Shot put: Faith Hamilton (S), Olivia Cipolla (S), Mikayla Johson (S). D–33-3

Discus: Hamilton (S), Johnson (S), Bella Sirianni (S). D–100-2

Pole vault: Ellie Pearson (S), Braya Beaver (S), Putney (CL/W/B). H–6-6


CLARENCE — After a late start and a brief lightning delay, the Jamestown boys improved to 2-0 in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 track and field with an 86-55 victory over Clarence.

Leading the way under the lights were a pair of quadruple winners in Noah Burch and Avery Thagard, as well as double-winner Stephen Hallberg.

Burch captured the long jump (21-4), 100 meters (11.3), 200 meters (22.8) and 400 meters (51.2); Thagard claimed the high jump (5-8), pole vault (10-0), triple jump (39-4) and 110-meter hurdles (17.9); and Hallberg took the 1,600 meters (4:34.1) and 3,200 meters (11:18.3).

In the girls meet, Belle Johnson was a double-winner in the 400 and 1,500 meters as Jamestown got past Clarence 76-59. Johnson’s winning times were 1:03.1 and 5:11.6, respectively.


3,200m relay: Clarence (Isaac Cannizzaro, Charlie Brancato, Ricky Curiel, Phillip Russo). T–8:27.5

110m hurdles: Avery Thagard (J), Adam Smith (C), Liam Caswell (J). T–17.9

100m: Noah Burch (J), Ayden Samuelson (J), Andrew Guide (C). T–11.3

1,600m: Stephen Hallberg (J), Noah Holden (C), Curiel (C). T–4:34.1

400m: Burch (J), Guide (C), Peter McCracken (C). T–51.2

400m hurdles: Smith (C), Mike Lizauckas (C), Caswell (J). T–1:04.1

800m: Isaac Cannizzaro (C), Brancato (C), Isaiah Sanchez (J). T–2:06.7

200m: Burch (J), Guide (C), Cameron Burgess (J). T–22.8

3,200m: Hallberg (J), Russo (C), Curiel (C). T–11:18.3

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Braiden Kennedy, Maxwell Knight, Burgess, Sanchez). T–3:43.3

400m relay: Clarence (Guide, McCracken, Reece Lagowski, Nate Rott). T–47.6

Long jump: Burch (J), Aidan Senear (J), Rott (C). D–21-4

Triple jump: Thagard (J), Matt Moore (C), Nick Malchow (C). D–39-4

Shot put: Porter DeGraff (C), Cameron LaTone (J), Andre Graham (J). D–39-7

Discus: Jorge Rivera Jr. (J), Chase Maggio (J), LaTone (J). D–93-0

High jump: Thagard (J), Rivera Jr. (J), Smith (C). H–5-8

Pole vault: Thagard (J), Rivera Jr. (J), Moore (C) and Lizauckas (C). H–10-0


3,200m relay: Jamestown (Belle Johnson, Kater Hockenberry, Nolah Hamilton, London Hamilton). T–10:36.1

100m high hurdles: Sloane Gack (C), Emily Cardinale (J), Lucy Hockenberry (J). T–16.57

100m: Sydnie Crawford (C), Amara Pacheco (J), Ryah Leeper (J). T–12.8

1,500m: Belle Johnson (J), London Hamilton (J), Emily Priest (C). T–5:11.6

400m relay: Clarence. T–52.7

400m: Belle Johnson (J), Madi McCrea (C), Alexi Grek (C). T–1:03.1

400m intermediate hurdles: Sloane Gack (C),Madi McCrea (C), Lucy Hockenberry (J). T–1:19.7

800m: London Hamilton (J), Nolah Hamilton (J), Izzy Wisnowski (C). T–2:35.4

200m: Sydnie Crawford (C), Laken Phillips (C), Ryah Leeper (J). T–20.8

3,000m: Claire Collins (C), Nolah Hamilton (J), Kater Hockenberry (J). T–12:14.9

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Belle Johnson, London Hamilton, Kater Hockenberry, Myah Crossley). T–4:40

Long jump: Naoimh Brady (C), Myah Crossley (J), Amara Pacheco (J). D–14-8

Triple jump: Sydnie Crawford (C), Naoimh Brady (C). D–30-0

High jump: Ryah Leeper (J), Naoimh Brady (C). H–4-6

Pole vault: Emily Cardinale (J). H–9-0

Shot put: Javi Matos (J), Alivia Wofford (J), Kayli Beale-Zawadski (C). D–30-9

Discus: Alivia Wofford (J), Javi Matos (J), Ashlyn Galeazzo (J). D–84-0


DUNKIRK — Michael Hanlon and Jaylen McMichael were double-winners to lead Dunkirk past Fredonia in CCAA action 93-41 at Dunkirk High School.

Hanlon just finished ahead of teammate Nathan Carlson in the Marauders’ sweep of the 100 meters with a time of 11.3 and then he won the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 57.9. McMichael lept to two victories reaching a distance of 17-feet, 5-inches to win the long jump and then 33-feet, 10.75-inches in the triple jump.

Trenton Krenzer was a double-winner for Fredonia taking first in the 3,200 meters with a time of 11:21 and the 1,600 meters at 5:02.

3,200m relay: Dunkirk (Lucas Lawrie, Cooper Allen, Peter Felt, Edward Jourdan). T–9:06.4

110m hurdles: Nathan Keefe (F), Leneth Velez-Olmo (F), Tim Field (F). T–16.9

110m: Michael Hanlon (D), Nathan Carlson (D), Javier Battle (D). T–11.3

1,600m: Trenton Krenzer (F), Edward Jourdan (D), Jim Fagon (F). T–5:02

400m relay: Dunkirk (Javier Battle, Jaylen McMichael, Yeriel Gutierrez, Johnee Thomas). T–47.2

400m: Johnee Thomas (D), Jack Fagan (F), Brennan Ambrose (F). T–56.4

400m hurdles: Michael Hanlon (D), Nathan Keefe (F), Leneth Velez-Olmo (F). T–57.9

800m: Lucas Lawrie (D), Eddie Jourden (D), Peter Felt (D). T–2:07.3

200m: Nathan Carlson (D), Michael Hanlon (D), Javier Battle (D). T–24.5

3,200m: Trenton Krenzer (F), Jim Fagon (F). T–11:21

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Michael Hanlon, Nathan Carlson, Eddy Jourdan, Lucas Lawrie). T–3:50.5

High jump: K’Vion Tell (D), Amato Fadale (F), Justice Thomas Rivera (D). H–5-0

Pole vault: Tim Field (F). H–7-6

Long jump: Jaylen McMichael (D), Yeriel Gutierrez (D), Javier Battle (D). D–17-5

Triple jump: Jaylen McMichael (D), Yeriel Gutierrez (D), Morgan Cerrie (F). D–33-10.75

Shot put: Riley Smith Mallon (D), Conner Jakubowicz (D), Jared Sek (D). D–38-8

Discus: Conner Jakubowicz (D), Isaac Rodriguez (F), Riley Smith Mallon (D). D–110-4



DUNKIRK — Mariella Russo won three events as Fredonia dominated Dunkirk in CCAA play 106-23 at Dunkirk High School.

Russo won 100-meter hurdles at 21.3, 400-meter hurdles at 1:16.4 and the high jump after reaching a height of 4-feet, 10-inches. Fredonia also had double-winners in Delani Kaiser claiming the 100 and 400 meters, Izzie Czekanski won the 800 and 1,500 meters, and Ellie Saunders won the long jump and triple jump.

Dunkirk earned wins in the pole vault and 3,000 meters thanks to Felicity Cooper and Hanan Mohammad, respectively.

3,200m relay: Fredonia (Izzie Czekanski, Emily McCann, Allie Helwig, Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer). T–13:10.7

100m hurdles: Mariella Russo (F). T–21.3

100m: Delani Kaiser (F), CeCe Tonelli (F), Amilcar Centeno (D). T–13.2

1,500m: Izzie Czekanski (F), Emily McCann (F), Danielle Felt (D). T–6:02.7

400m relay: Fredonia (Delani Kaiser, Charis LaBarr, Mikaela Mead, Cece Tonelli). T–1:02.7

400m: Delani Kaiser (F), Amilcar Centeno (D), Liana Colon (D). T–1:03.3

400m hurdles: Mariella Russo (F), Hazel Bache (D), Hanan Mohammad (D). T–1:16.4

800m: Izzie Czekanski (F), Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer (F), Hailey Zadzilka (F). T–2:56.9

200m: CeCe Tonelli (F), Aria Russo (F), Khloe Munson (D). T–29.9

3,000m: Hanan Mohammad (D). T–12:54

3,200m relay: Fredonia (Mariella Russo, Charis LaBarr, Elizabeth Pucci-Schaefer, Aria Russo). T–5:02.6

High jump: Mariella Russo (F), Ellie Saunders (F), Charis LaBarr (F). H–4-10

Pole vault: Felicity Cooper (D). H–7-6

Long jump: Ellie Saunders (F), Kaley Robb (F), Lauryn McCracken (D).

Triple jump: Ellie Saunders (F), Kaley Robb (F), Lauryn McCraken (D). D–27-3

Shot put: Lynn Cuthbert (F), Allison Hellwig (F), Abby Lauer (F). D–19-9

Discus: Abby Lauer (F), Allison Hellwig (F), Marla Henderson (F). D–63-8


SILVER CREEK — Cody Kent won three events, while Landon Stormer and Brendan Devereaux each won twice for Frewsburg in a 95-37 boys victory over Silver Creek/Forestville.

Kent took the 1,600 meters (4:42.7), 800 meters (2:14.3) and 3,200 meters (10:46); Stormer claimed the 100 meters (11.0) and 200 meters (22.9); and Devereaux captured the 400-meter hurdles (1:02.9) and triple jump (34-10.5) for the Bears.

Nate Mays won the high jump (5-6) and long jump (18-4) for the Black Knights.

In the girls meet, Gracie Conlan was a quadruple winner as Frewsburg won 74-58.

Conlan took the 100 meters (13.6), 200 meters (28.4), long jump (16-5.5) and triple jump (31-6).

Leah Mays claimed the 3,000 meters (12:26.8), 1,500 meters (5:16.3) and 800 meters (2:34.2) for the Black Knights.


3,200m relay: Frewsburg (Xander Pitts, Noah Erickson, Nolan LeBaron, Chaos Hedges). T–9:43.2

110m hurdles: Zayne Cline (F), Brendan Devereaux (F), Jaden Collver (F). T–16.7

100m: Landon Stormer (F), Cole Vaughn (F), Matt Gawron (SC/F). T–11.0

1,600m: Cody Kent (F), Juvenal Diaz-Cortes (F), Ben Bock (SC/F). T–4:42.7

400m relay: Frewsburg (N/A). T–N/A

400m: Sam Bowers (SC/F), Henry Eckert (F), Mike Grisanti (SC/F). T–57.1

400m hurdles: Brendan Devereaux (F), Nate Mays (SC/F), Noah Erickson (F). T–1:02.9

800m: Cody Kent (F), Juvenal Diaz-Cortes (F), Ben Bock (SC/F). T–2:14.3

200m: Landon Stormer (F), Matt Gawron (SC/F), Owen Lewis (SC/F). T–22.9

3,200m: Cody Kent (F), Nolan LeBaron (F), Chaos Hedges (F). T–10:46

Shot put: Kael Collver (F), Kevin Murawski (SC/F), Matt Dunn (SC/F). D–38-3

Discus: Matt Dunn (SC/F), Henry Eckert (F), Kevin Murawski (SC/F). D–104-5

High jump: Nate Mays (SC/F), Zayne Cline (F), Dave Barrett (SC/F). H–5-6

Triple jump: Brendan Devereaux (F), Jaden Collver (F), Noah Erickson (F). D–34-10.5

Long jump: Nate Mays (SC/F), Jaden Collver (F), Cole Vaughn (F). D–18-4

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Brendan Devereaux, Noah Erickson, Zayne Cline, Cole Vaughn). T–4:04.8


100m hurdles: Elli Seiberg (F), Emaline Campian (F), Sebryna Rivera (F). T–19.9

100m: Gracie Conlan (F), Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Sopheia Bennett (F). T–13.6

1,500m: Leah Mays (SC/F), Brionna Dumaine (F), Olivia Nelson (F). T–5:16.3

400m: Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Sopheia Bennett (F), Brionna Dumaine (F). T–1:08.3

400m hurdles: Molly Shaw (SC/F), CLombardo (F), Sebryna Rivera. T–1:16.6

800m: Leah Mays (SC/F), Chymerah Genovese (SC/F), Olivia Nelson (F). T–2:34.2

200m: Gracie Conlan (SC/F), Sopheia Bennett (F), Gwen Souter (SC/F). T–28.4

3,000m: Leah Mays (SC/F). T–12:26.8

400m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (RBeadle, GSouter, STimmermann, MShaw). T–59.7

1,600m relay: Silver Creek/Forestville (MShaw, RBeadle, CGenovese, LMays). T–5:13.6

3,200m relay: Frewsburg (BDumanie, ONelson, ALawson, CLombardo). T–12:24.7

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Ingrid Gibson (SC/F), Elayna Pitts (F). D–16-5.5

Triple jump: Gracie Conlan (F), Ingrid Gibson (SC/F). D–31-6

High jump: Elli Seiberg (F), Sydney Frederes (F), Rachael Beadle (SC/F). H–4-2

Shot put: Lucille Jimerson (SC/F), Elayna Pitts (F), Brea Rubrecht (F). D–32-0

Discus: Brea Rubrecht (F) Lucille Jimerson (SC/F), Abby Gawron (SC/F). D–97-7


FALCONER — Mason Kilmer, Jaden Binkley, Gabe Lundmark and Chaz Sundquist were double-winners as the Falconer/Cassadaga Valley boys beat Olean 91-41.

Kilmer claimed the 100-meter hurdles and triple jump, Binkley won the 1,600 and 800 meters, Lundmark claimed the 400-meter hurdles and 3,200 meters, and Sundquist finished first in the discus and shot put.

While in the girls, Mary Lundmark won three events to lead the Golden Cougars past the Huskies 100.5-39.5.

Lundmark won the 100 and 200 meters and the pole vault, while Brynn Helms added two more first place finishes for Falconer/Cassadaga Valley in the 100-meter hurdles and triple jump and Autumn Lynn placed first in discus and shot put.

Olean was led by double-winner Hannah Cheney.


3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Brent Troutman, Seth Carr, Gabe Lundmark, Jaden Binkley). T–10:39.23

100m hurdles: Mason Kilmer (FCV), Patrick Braley (FCV), Blake Kinnaird (O). T–16.6

100m: Bradyn Fuller (FCV), Roger Markham (FCV), Domonick Hirliman (O). T–11.8

1,600m: Jaden Binkley (FCV), Lucas Peterson-Volz (O), Gabe Lundmark (FCV). T–4:57.4

400m relay: Olean (D. Hirliman, K. Evans, B. Frame, A. Bohdanowycz). T–48.5

400m: Adrian Bohdanowycz (O), Karsten Stadtler (O), Seth Carr (FCV). T–53.8

400m hurdles: Gabe Lundmark (FCV), Keegan Evans (O), Jaxson VanArsdale (FCV). T–1:07.0

800m: Jaden Binkley (FCV), Brent Troutman (FCV), Lucas Peterson-Volz (O). T–2:13.8

200m: Domonick Hirliman (O), Aidan McCleery (FCV), Jaxson VanArsdale and Sergio Mayo (FCV). T–25.6

3,200m: Gabe Lundmark (FCV), Brent Troutman (FCV), Jacob Ours (O). T–11:46.4

1,600m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Sergio Mayo, Aidan McCleery, Jaden Binkley, Seth Carr). T–3:48.9

Long jump: Roger Markham (FCV), Keegan Evans (O), Aidan McCleery (FCV). D–20-10.5

Triple jump: Mason Kilmer (FCV), Brody Frame (O), Karsten Stadtler (O). D–37-9

High jump: Caedyn Tingley (O), Nathan Bailey (FCV), Aidan McCleery (FCV). H–5-0

Discus: Chaz Sundquist (FCV), Hunter Caldwell (FCV), Gabe Milligan (O). D–113-9

Shot put: Chaz Sundquist (FCV), Zachary Markham (FCV), Ammar Shaileh (O). D–43-7


3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Brynn Zaranek, Angelica Mullen, Elayna Barber, Natalie Dossey). T–12:05.5

100m hurdles: Brynn Helms (FCV), Marcella Seekings (FCV), Jaeda Clark (O). T–18.4

100m: Mary Lundmark (FCV), Hannah Madonia (FCV), Arianna Howard (FCV). T–13.3

1,500m: Sofia Rucinski (O), Morgan Robbins (FCV), Lily Eaton (O). T–6:36.8

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Natalie Dossey, Hannah Madonia, Mary Lundmark, Roxane Geranmayeh). T–54.6

400m: Hannah Cheney (O), Natalie Dossey (FCV), Elayna Barber (FCV). T–1:10.3

400m hurdles: Hannah Madonia (FCV), Marcella Seekings (FCV), Sydnee Snow (FCV). T–1:12.0

800m: Angelica Mullen (FCV), Viktoria Lozynska (FCV), Brynn Zaranek (FCV). T–2:57.0

200m: Mary Lundmark (FCV), Addison Crosson (O), Jabre’yah Brown (O). T–28.6

3,200m: Morgan Robbins (FCV), Sofia Rucinski (O), Anastasia TenPas (O). T–14:39.7

1,600m relay: Olean. T–5:38.7

Long jump: Roxane Geranmayeh (FCV), Ashlynn Smith (FCV), Hannah Madonia (FCV). D–14-7

Triple jump: Brynn Helms (FCV), Sydnee Snow (FCV), Morgan Robbins (FCV). D–29-5

High jump: Hannah Cheney (O), Roxane Geranmayeh (FCV), Addison Crosson (O). H–4-6

Discus: Autumn Lynn (FCV), Addie Schrader (FCV), Anastasia TenPas (O). D–84-6

Shot put: Autumn Lynn (FCV), Viktoria Lozynska (O), Hannah Marshall (O). D–30-7


CLYMER — Jonah Foley won three events while Ethan Verbosky and Ty Kraft each won two as the Maple Grove boys beat Clymer/Sherman/Panama 76-65. Tayden Persons won three events and Abby Malecki won two for the Wolfpack girls in a 95-42 victory.

Foley claimed the high jump (5-2), long jump (20-0.5) and triple jump (40-2), while Verbosky captured the 1,600 meters (4:55) and 800 meters (2:07.5), and Kraft took the 100-meter hurdles (17.9) and 400-meter hurdles (1:04.7) for the Red Dragons.

Persons was victorious in the 100-meter hurdles (17.4), 400-meter hurdles (1:11.5) and long jump (14-0.5) for Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s girls. Malecki took the 100 meters (13.6) and 200 meters (30.0).


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Josh Ashbaugh, Owen Erlandson, Jacob Lewis, Ethan Verbosky). T–9:29.1

100m hurdles: Ty Kraft (MG), Sawyer Whitney (C/S/P), Blake Beckerink (C/S/P). T–17.9

100m: Rider Carlson (MG), Ty Oste (MG), Liam Colburn (MG). T–11.9

1,600m: Ethan Verbosky (MG), Lucas Dunnewold (C/S/P), Jacob Lewis (MG). T–4:55

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Ryan Perry, Timothy White, Sabastian DeJesus, Tony Cipolla). T–47.6

400m: Owen Erlandson (MG), Max Guzman (C/S/P), Sabastian DeJesus (C/S/P). T–56.2

400m hurdles: Ty Kraft (MG), Ryan Perry (C/S/P), Sawyer Whitney (C/S/P). T–1:04.7

800m: Ethan Verbosky (MG), RJ Johnson (C/S/P), Jacob Lewis (MG). T–2:07.5

200m: Sabastian DeJesus (C/S/P), Rider Carlson (MG), Ryan Lockwood (MG). T–24.9

3,200m: Lucas Dunnewold (C/S/P), Finn Fadale (C/S/P), Josh Ashbaugh (MG). T–11:12

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Ty Oste, Owen Erlandson, Ty Kraft, Ethan Verbosky). T–3:52

High jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Talon Persons (C/S/P), RJ Johnson (C/S/P). H–5-2

Long jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Ryan Perry (C/S/P), Rider Carlson (MG). D–20-0.5

Triple jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Hayden Sexton (C/S/P), Trent Shampoe (C/S/P). D–40-2

Shot put: Devin Johnson (C/S/P), Tony Cipolla (C/S/P), Noah Skarzenski (C/S/P). D–44-0

Discus: Tony Cipolla (C/S/P), Kolton Rhoades (C/S/P), Travis Owens (C/S/P). D–122-2

Pole vault: Dylan Moore (MG), John Nocero (MG, Logan Quattrone (MG). H–N/A


3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Tess Flikkema, Grace Cooke, Haley Odell, Solki Martin-Lacayo). T–11:12.6

100m hurdles: Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Sydney Simmons (MG), Cassi Marucci (C/S/P). T–17.4

100m: Abby Malecki (C/S/P), Isa Kioko (C/S/P), Mackenzie Wadsworth (MG). T–13.6

1,500m: Lucy Ellis (MG), Lily Bohall (MG), Bria Palmatier (C/S/P). T–5:42.4

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Abby Malecki, Cassie Harvey, Cassi Marucci, Isa Kioko). T–56.7

400m: Allie Bohall (MG), Matilyn Rhines (C/S/P), Jayne Chambers (C/S/P). T–1:06.6

400m hurdles: Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Lily Borowski (C/S/P), Adrianne Lombardo (MG). T–1:11.5

800m: Solki Martin-Lacayo (C/S/P), Evelyn Fessell (MG), Tess Flikkema (C/S/P). T–2:35.6

200m: Abby Malecki (C/S/P), Cassi Marucci (C/S/P), Journey Johnson (MG). T–30.0

3,000m: Haley Odell (C/S/P), Grace Cooke (C/S/P), Lily Ellis (MG). T–12:06.6

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Tess Flikkema, Matilyn Rhines, Jayne Chambers, Solki Martin-Lacayo). T–4:48.8

High jump: Isa Kioko (C/S/P), Sydney Simmons (MG), Eve Johnson (C/S/P). H–5-0

Long jump: Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Haley Odell (C/S/P), Lily Johnson (C/S/P). D–14-0.5

Triple jump: Lily Johnson (C/S/P), Lily Borowski (C/S/P), Paiten Harvey (C/S/P). D–30-2.5

Shot put: Rebekka Roberts (MG), Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Claire Price (MG). D–25-9

Discus: Cambria Fiarella (MG), Liz Anderson (C/S/P), Lilly Overstreet (C/S/P). D–80-11.5

Pole vault: Desiree Putt (MG). H–N/A


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