Confronting Hate Against The Jews

“Hitler was right!” “Gas the Jews!” Those revolting remarks from malicious mobs on American college campuses mimic the most infamous henchmen of history. How unnerved and intimidated would you feel being a Jew hearing raw racial vitriol voiced on campus fueled by nut-job professors and passed over by administrators too weakened by wokeness to confront it?

Lame administrators showed their weakness at the recent congressional hearings. To state it like social commentator Dennis Prager did, these administrators expressed more contempt toward students not vaccinated than they did at students shouting for the genocide of Jews.

No wonder many Jewish students keep their identities hidden as Jew-hating outbursts on American universities eerily echo the seething anti-Semitism of German universities in the 1930’s and the sorry selection by Princeton’s freshmen class in 1939 of Adolf Hitler as “the greatest living person” ahead of Einstein and Gandhi.

Piggy-backing on the fascist-rooted racism, cultural Marxist ideology jacks up students to lash out at Jews. Despite Jewish babies roasted to death in ovens by Hamas and calls to stamp out Israel “from the river to the sea,” cultural Marxism through Critical Race Theory can manipulate heinous acts of terror into mere acts of resistance. Absent any biblical framework, moral judgments are just arbitrarily determined by the anti-God Marxist worldview indoctrinating students doused with Diversity Equity and Inclusion.

LGBTQ pro-Palestinian protesters march for those who would have them hanged, stoned or executed. Does that make sense? At a taxpayer-funded school in NYC, Baruch College, student Makan Ceesay tore down posters of hostage-held Israelis by Hamas and attacked an onlooker when confronted. When asked why, he said, “Jews are all sh*t and need to die.” The college ironically is named after a Jew.

Before you know it, the Babylon Bee might have a headline of satire turn out to be true: “Osama Bin Laden Given Honorary Posthumous Doctorate from Columbia.”

I grant that Palestinians have legitimate grievances, which should be heard and addressed, but the spewing of Jew-hating venom is so repugnant that the protesters seem more on the side of Hamas than the Palestinians. A staffer from the office of NY State Senator Julia Salazar (D) posted, “I don’t condemn Hamas; I condemn Israel.” Salazar’s Chief of Staff liked the post. Wouldn’t that make you squirm if you were a Jew in Salazar’s office?

Do you see where DEI, cultural Marxism and wokeness lead immature, impressionable and gullible people? A self-described “apostate Muslim” and “lapsed atheist” can see it. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, human rights champion, recently turned to Christianity recognizing how western civilization originating from a Judeo-Christian foundation is under threat in three ways: “[1] the… authoritarianism and expansionism in the forms of the Chinese Communist Party and Vladimir Putin’s Russia; [2] the rise of global Islamism… and [3] the viral spread of woke ideology, which is eating into the moral fiber of the next generation.”

She doesn’t attribute her “embrace of Christianity solely to the realization that atheism is too weak and divisive a doctrine to fortify us against our menacing foes.” She comes “to Christianity because [she] ultimately found life without any spiritual solace unendurable — indeed very nearly self-destructive. Atheism failed to answer a simple question: what is the meaning and purpose of life?”

She writes, “Unless we offer something as meaningful, I fear the erosion of our civilization will continue. And fortunately, there is no need to look for some new-age concoction of medication and mindfulness. Christianity has it all.”

Admitting the need for further learning “about Christianity,” she absorbs “a little more at church each Sunday.” In a “long journey through a wilderness of fear and self-doubt,” she realizes in Christianity “a better way to manage the challenges of existence than either Islam or unbelief had to offer.”

The Rev. Mel McGinnis is a Frewsburg resident.


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