Face Mask Policies Are Not Being Enforced

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am writing to express my displeasure concerning your enforcement, or I should say lack of enforcement, in regards to having shoppers wearing face masks.

Your have large signs at each entrance to your store that state: “Face coverings are required per posted local/state order and exclusions while you shop.” From what I see, this is not being enforced.

In talking with several of your associates, the answer I get when I enquire as to why there are shoppers not wearing masks, is that 1. The company does not want to address this as they are afraid of offending someone and 2. That if approached, the customers have sometimes, become hostile. If they become hostile, they don’t have any business in your store. And for being afraid of offending someone, the person your are offending by not enforcing this policy, is me!

The afore mention sign also states: “All of our Associates are required to wear a face covering or mask while working.” My congratulations to you, as this is being enforced.

Come on! We are dealing with a pandemic of a very contagious virus and your are afraid of offending a few, when hundreds of shoppers who do wear face coverings, are really the people you are offending.

Other stores in the area do enforce the wearing of face masks, so this shopper is going to frequent your competition. To me, it may cost a little more, but I feel the policies of your competitors are more in tune with my concerns for safety.

Displeased with your policy,

James C. Bloom,



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