The Same Promise To ‘Root Out Corruption’

To The Reader’s Forum:

On Christmas Eve the news media, all in the same words, carried the message. The Democratic Party or government (same thing now) in Albany, so the story led off, is going to “root out corruption.”

I swoon.

In the joy of the holiday season, I picture the Democrats rooting and sniffing and grubbing like pigs rooting out all that corruption, corruption like voting Republican or even worse, far worse, voting for some minor party — hated nonconformists.

One thing we won’t tolerate in this age of tolerance and land of diversity is anybody different.

The bold, hard-nosed, independent news media all transmitted this audacious glob of brazen propaganda word for extravagant word with sweet faced sycophancy. This is objective news, we are asked to believe.

The Democrats now have a one party state and they are every bit as delighted and determined as was any 20th century dictator to enthrone themselves in absolute power forever. And they are going to start by taking our money, however much is necessary and quite a bit more, to persuade you to vote Democratic in every election and be happy about it. Ah, but their intentions are good. They believe if they can take enough from us by force, they won’t need to be corrupt.

Norman Carlson



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