Pop Quizzes Should Be Only Spicy Challenges Students Face In School

Schools around the country are banning the “One Chip Challenge” from school grounds because the chips are making students sick.

The Jamestown Public Schools District isn’t banning the chips from school grounds, but it has alerted parents to the challenge and possible health issues it is causing in children. The challenge, of course spreading like wildfire on social media, involves people eating a single tortilla chip marketed as containing “Carolina Reaper” and “Ghost Pepper” seasonings.

District officials say a local 7-Eleven store is taking the chips off its shelves after learning of at least one local student becoming ill, while the school district itself has seen one student need medical attention after eating the chip while other students went home afterward and likely sought care. Students who have engaged in the challenge elsewhere have become “violently ill, including some cases of a need for emergency medical attention.” Adverse symptoms reportedly include severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and difficulty breathing that can last more than 24 hours and lead to more severe health complications.

The challenge itself isn’t the problem. Who amongst us hasn’t either gone through or know someone who has gone through a phase trying to find the hottest chicken wings or chili peppers? Spicy food challenges are as American as seeing who can eat the most hot dogs on the Fourth of July. But, of course, there is an appropriate time and place for these things — and school is a bad place for spicy food challenges.


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