Criticizing Rex Ryan Low Hanging Fruit Too Sweet To Pass Up

If there’s one thing I seldom write about it’s sports. I love watching sports, especially football and hockey. Baseball can be fun to watch, too, however, as a native of a city without a pro team, it’s hard to root for an out-of-market franchise. I don’t mind the Pirates, though.

That all being said, I have decided to pick some low-hanging fruit for a sport’s themed column this week: Rex Ryan.

Once viewed as a savior, especially by me, Ryan will probably go down as one of the worst head coaches in the history of the Buffalo Bills’ organization. My feelings toward Ryan began to waver about three games into last year – around the time the Bills were thoroughly spanked by the Patriots and Giants.

The team was undisciplined, plain and simple. Players acted as judge and jury to on-field play, meaning they took their aggravation out regarding bad calls, big plays and poor performance on their opponents instead of themselves. This of course resulted in penalties and further embarrassment.

Ryan looked the part of a buffoon the entire ride.

I think it’s quite possible that Ryan came in and did as much as possible to rid the place of Doug Marrone’s legacy. This included the disciplinarian-style atmosphere. Under Marrone’s rule the penalties were down, and the defense excelled. There were far less personal fouls and more sacks.

Under Ryan’s watch, it’s been a nightmarish trainwreck. Too many dumb penalties by players who should know better. Jerry Hughes, ahem. It’s gotten to a point where I laugh seeing Ryan’s frustration spew out on the sideline. He seemingly acts as if every bad call or every poorly executed play is another nail in his coffin.

I knew going into this season the Bills were likely to regress. Too many players suspended for smoking pot, and say what you will about pot in today’s culture, but it’s still outlawed by Goodell’s NFL. Too many arrests; and too many accusations about possible arrests.

And then there’s the soundbites Ryan loves to feed the media. All summer long Ryan said he was prepared to go “all in” with the defense and do what he does best. So my question is what was he doing with the defense last year?

Ryan opening his mouth is like buying a ticket on the Titanic knowing full well there aren’t enough lifeboats to hold everyone. Yeah, there’s lots of fun to be had – but we all know that ships is gonna hit an iceberg and someone isn’t getting a spot on the boat.

The Hindenburg going down in flames would have worked well here, too, in this metaphor, but I thought about Ryan and his twin brother, Rob, reenacting that scene from Titanic (as you are too right now) and decided that was the way to go. You’re welcome for that everlasting image.

This season has managed to meet my expectations thus far in that they are as every bit as awful and a joke of the league. Even Cleveland is laughing at us, Buffalo.

If Ryan isn’t fired by mid-season I’d be surprised. If he isn’t ousted by the end of the year I’ll donated a month’s salary to whatever charity is backed by the Cleveland Browns.

Ryan is a bumbling mess of a coach asked to revive a mess of a franchise. I don’t hold him entirely responsible, but his brash and reckless coaching style seems to follow him around.

I wonder what Marrone will be up to next year.