We Have Plenty Of Reasons To Hate Donald Trump

In response to “Why Don’t People Like President Trump?” I can think of a few more than “I just don’t like him”.

I don’t like Trump because he is a bully and has no respect for people. Coming up with derisive names for people you don’t agree with is childish at best and only serves to further animosity. You are the president, please act like it.

I don’t like Trump because he doesn’t listen to points of view that are different than his own. He has a highly inflated opinion of his own intelligence and thinks that “I alone can fix this.” No, you can’t.

I don’t like Trump because, far from draining the swamp, he has only added to it. Scott Pruitt and Betsy DeVos come immediately to mind, among several others.

I don’t like Trump because he has no personal integrity. He lies incessantly and has no regard for facts or history. It is one thing to promise things that you hope will happen, pretty much all politicians do that. He lies about things that have already happened (or didn’t), often because of his ignorance, but mostly to further his agenda with no regard for the truth.

I don’t like Trump because he will tweet whatever comes into his head. These are words from the leader of the free world, and they have consequences. Should the rest of the world believe him, or wait a couple days until he backtracks or denies what he meant? Or will he follow through on some of his outrageous comments?

I don’t like Trump because he pushed through an unneeded tax cut that mostly benefited his rich buddies and corporations and has added another trillion dollars to our deficit. Yes, the last two presidents drove it way up, but does it make sense to add even more? The economy has been on the upswing for several years, the current bull market is nine years old, there was no reason for this other than for bragging rights.

I don’t like Trump because he has furthered the air of incivility and divisiveness in the country. When you belittle people, call them names, and condone violence at your campaign rallies (throw them out, and if they get roughed up, he’ll pay the legal fees), it sends the message that this is ok. No, it is not.

Mostly I don’t like Trump because of the hoax he is pulling on the working poor of this country, the very people he has said he will help. His current delight over the Supreme Court decision that will hurt unions is just an example. Make America Great Again? America was great when we had a middle class that strong unions helped to create. Yes, there have been some abuses, but unionism overall did a lot to create the prosperity of the last half of the 20th century. Now the gap between rich and poor gets wider every day.

Are those enough reasons? I could go on, believe me, but as the writer said, what would be the point? His supporters are entrenched in their positions and are unlikely to budge. It reminds me of the girl who brings home the slick talking boyfriend that her parents know is no good. The more they try help her see the light, the more she digs in. Hopefully she (or we) will eventually come to our senses before it is too late. Time is running out quickly.

Gary Swanson is a resident of New Smyrna Beach, Fla.