Trump Should Be Held Accountable For Harassing Women

To The Reader’s Forum:

Some people say that we are at a “watershed” moment as it relates to mistreatment of women, primarily, through sexual harassment on the job and/or physical sexual abuse of one kind or another. There have been men fired from private employment and a few have lost political jobs. Generally, the evidence against the men has been either credible complaints or evidence of settled formal complaints. The credibility of the complainants’ testimony has been critical.

Unfortunately, there is an inexplicable double standard at play when it comes to President Trump. The evidence and testimony against Trump is no different than that produced against other men. While his election preceded the volume of incidents leading to the so-called “watershed,” Trump’s transgressions are not entitled to a political pass, and his denials of involvement hold no more weight than other men’s words. Winning an election does not shield a person from accountability.

One can argue whether former President Clinton should be held to, and dealt with by today’s standards and perhaps his actions could be re-examined and re-litigated, but the issue today is about Trump. The issue is about women’s rights.

I get the fact that many allegations occurred years ago, but that is true of all men who have recently been accused, but have not admitted culpability yet have been penalized. Therefore, as it stands today, we are left with the reality that either Trump or the women are credible. Based on Trump’s record, with no evidence the women are lying, I support the victims. In fact, the only person suing over defamation of character is one of Trump’s victims. The result of that suit will be telling, for sure.

The reality is that women have been wronged for no reason other than being women. No man is better than any woman and anyone who is guilty of trying to benefit from harassment should pay some kind of “penalty.” I hope Trump admits his culpability, but even if he does not, he should be held accountable for his actions. This issue may not rise to the level of a constitutional crisis, but it is no less important to the victims. The women involved deserve both prompt justice and closure.

Paul L. Demler