Zoning Board Votes Down Residential Cellphone Tower

The Jamestown Zoning Board of Appeals has turned down the proposal to install a cellphone tower in a residential zone.

The board on Wednesday voted down the use and area variance submitted by Nixon Peabody, representatives for Verizon Wireless. The variance petition proposed the installation of a 100-foot wireless telecommunications tower adjacent to 40 Hallock St, which is owned by Chandler Street Baptist Church, also known as Hillcrest Baptist Church. This area of the city is zoned R-1, single-family residential, and according to the zoning laws for the city, cellphone towers are only permitted in a commercial or manufacturing zone. Also, the city’s zoning laws state that cell towers should not exceed 60 feet in height, but the proposed was 100 feet.

James Olson, zoning board member, made the motion to deny the use and area variance petition because information provided by Robert Brenner, Nixon Peabody attorney, and Patrick Makubire, Verizon Wireless radiofrequency design engineer, showed that there might be alternative sights that might not be perfect, but acceptable for cellphone coverage. All six attending members of the zoning board — Ellen Ditonto, chairwoman; Patricia Calanni; Richard Hanson; Sally Martinez; Judith Sandson; and Olson — voted for the motion denying the petition.

Peter Larson was the only member of the zoning board not in attendance.