Class B Champs

Johns, Austin, Krenzer Lead Golden Cougars To Title

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Devin Austin clears the bar during the high jump at Thursday’s Section VI Class B track and field championships at Falconer’s Bill Race Field. P-J photo by Tim Frank

FALCONER — Fredonia’s Oliver Madariaga put on another show Thursday afternoon at Bill Race Field.

But host Falconer/Cassadaga Valley took home the team title.

Madariaga won the 100 meters in 11.38 seconds, the 200 meters in 22.77 seconds and the 400 meters in 51.02 seconds as the Hillbillies finished in second place with 88 points.

The Golden Cougars took home first place with 128 points, thanks in large part to Austin Johns, Devin Austin and Joe Krenzer.

Johns captured the 110-meter hurdles in 16.61 seconds and the 400-meter hurdles in 1:00.29; Austin claimed the triple jump (42-2 1/2) and high jump (6-4) while also taking second in the long jump; and Krenzer prevailed in the 1,600 meters (4:49.66) and also took second in the 3,200 meters.

The Golden Cougars’ Austin Johns clears a hurdle during the 400-meter hurdle race. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Joey Pillittieri was second in the 800 meters and third in the pole vault, teammate Jayden Johns was third in the triple jump and high jump, and the Golden Cougars took second in both the 1,600-meter and 3,200-meter relays.

Fredonia’s Ledreth Velez-Olmo, Jayden Yerico, Jack Fortna and Matt Linder won the 400-meter relay while Velez-Olmo and Linder also teamed with Alex Field and Madariaga to claim the 1,600-meter relay.

Individually for the Hillbillies, Velez-Olmo was third in the 200 meters and Adam Lesch was third in the 1,600 meters.

On the girls side, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley finished fourth with 59 points and Fredonia was sixth with 27 points.

The Golden Cougars’ top showing for the girls was Mikaela LeBaron’s second-place finish in the 800 meters.

Fredonia’s Kelly Lucas competes in the high jump during Thursday’s Section VI Class B track and field championships at Falconer’s Bill Race Field. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Ella Ekstrom also took third in the 200 meters, Elder was third in the 800 meters, Hannah Madonia was third in the 400-meter hurdles.

For the Hillbillies girls, Kelly Lucas was second in the high jump and Gigi Ferro was third in the same event.


Girls: 1. Newfane (137); 2. Springville (115); 3. Akron (87); 4. Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (59); 5. Alden (34); 6. Fredonia (27); 7. Olmsted (23); 8. Medina (21); 9. Royalton-Hartland (17); 10. Eden (7).

Boys: 1. Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (128); 2. Fredonia (88); 3. Alden (85); 4. Newfane (54); 5. Medina (46); 6. Springville (43); 7. Eden (32); 8. Royalton-Hartland (23); 9. Lackawanna (17); 10. Akron (8).


Girls 100m: Brooklyn Bullock (O), Nadet Shorter (N), Sophia Jones (Ak), Ava Cook (F), Shannon Wypij (Al). T–13.32

Girls 200m: Ainsley DeBiase (N), Brooklyn Bullock (O), Ella Ekstrom (F/CV), Sophia Jones (Ak), Shannon Wypij (Al). T–27.91

Girls 400m: Rachel Chunco (N), Catalina Ersing (N), Alexis Cacciatore (R-H), Jamie Dickinson (S), Julia LeBarron (F). T–1:04.2

Girls 800m: Lauren Wagner (Ak), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV), Sarah Elder (F/CV), Marina Ersing (N), Leah Siegmann (N). T–2:31.77

Girls 1,500m: Hannah Goetz (S), Kristen Melnik (S), Taylor Heschke (N), Lauren Wagner (Ak), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV). T–4:49.36

Girls 3,000m: Kristen Melnik (S), Lauren Wagner (Ak), Kylie Bowman (N), Taylor Heschke (N), Marie Lemay (F/CV). T–11:08.35

Girls 100m hurdles: Ashlan Joseph (N), Devin Griffin (M), Ainsley DeBiase (N), Paiden Whitmeyer (F/CV), Justine Laverty (R-H). T–16.91

Girls 400m hurdles: Linnea Neureuther (S), Ashlan Joseph (N), Hannah Madonia (F/CV), Brooke Bennett (Al), Anna Chunco (N). T–1:09.09

Girls 400m relay: Newfane (Nadet Shorter, Ashlan Joseph, Ainsley DeBiase, Melanie Meyers), Springville, Alden, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Akron. T–52.51

Girls 1,600m relay: Newfane (Anna Chunco, Rachel Chunco, Catalina Ersing, Taylor Heschke), Springville, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Akron, Fredonia. T–4:18.67

Girls 3,200m relay: Newfane (Catalina Ersing, Marina Ersing, Leah Siegmann, Kylie Bowman), Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Akron, Alden, Fredonia. T–10:27.69

Girls shot put: Bella Asmus (Ak), Kelsey Camp (Al), Kelsey Smith (Ak), Lindsey Wilson (N), Phallon Rivera (M). D–29-11

Girls discus: Marinna Heichberger (S), Bella Asmus (Ak), Jessica Souder (E), Shea Masse (Ak), Grace Lundmark (F/CV). D–94-11

Girls long jump: Nyah Solly (S), Linnea Neureuther (S), Melanie Meyers (N), Brooklyn Bullock (O), Samantha Bellis (Ak). D–16-4 3/4

Girls triple jump: Nyah Solly (S), Linnea Neureuther (S), Nadia White (R-H), Melanie Meyers (N), Samantha Bellis (Ak). D–36-2

Girls high jump: Devin Griffin (M), Kelly Lucas (F), Gigi Ferro (F), Melanie Meyers (N), Paiden Whitmeyer (F/CV). H–5-0

Girls pole vault: Nyah Solly (S), Haley Lerner (Al), Madison Brege (Ak), Emerson Polkowski (Ak), Mary Lundmark (F/CV). H–9-6

Boys 100m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Jordon Rivera (L), Chase Pastuszynski (Al), Ledreth Velez-Olmo (F), Mike Mosacco (E). T–11.38

Boys 200m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Jordon Rivers (L), Ledreth Velez-Olmo (F), Collin Reil (F/CV), Nolan Longbine (S). T–22.77

Boys 400m: Oliver Madariaga (F), Wyatt Harrington (F/CV), Tom Strasser (Al), Duce Capen (N), Chris Ulrich (R-H). T–51.02

Boys 800m: Connor Cuzzacrea (N), Joey Pillittieri (F/CV), Mark Stoldt (Al), Andrew Cuzzacrea (N), John Brockelbank (F/CV). T–2:06.12

Boys 1,600m: Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Arian Cayea (M), Adam Lesch (F), Jay Heideman (R-H), Jayden Reynolds (N). T–4:49.66

Boys 3,200m: Kyle Urban (Al), Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Jayden Reynolds (N), Austin Burkard (N), Otto Spielberger (S). T–9:41.53

Boys 110m hurdles: Austin Johns (F/CV), Brandin Allen (R-H), Hayden Grover (Al), Nolan Longbine (S), Kaedan Cleveland (M). T–16.61

Boys 400m hurdles: Austin Johns (F/CV), Nolan Longbine (S), Kaedan Cleveland (M), Brandin Allen (R-H), Alex Field (F). T–1:00.29

Boys 400m relay: Fredonia (Ledreth Velez-Olmo, Jayden Yerico, Jack Fortna, Matt Linder), Alden, Newfane, Medina, Akron. T–46.92

Boys 1,600m relay: Fredonia (Alex Field, Ledreth Velez-Olmo, Matt Linder, Oliver Madariaga), Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Newfane, Springville, Medina. T–3:35.48

Boys 3,200m relay: Alden (Matt Sentz, Mark Stoldt, Matt Cole, Kyle Urban), Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Newfane, Medina, Akron. T–8:44.01

Boys shot put: Paul Winiecki (E), Matt Linder (F), Ethan Stonebraker (M), Thomas Orndorff (S), Zach Scime (S). D–39-9

Boys discus: Paul Winiecki (E), Zach Scime (S), Thomas Orndorff (S), Jack Holland (Ak), Jack Fortna (F). D–115-9

Boys long jump: Matt Linder (F), Devin Austin (F/CV), Chase Pastuszynski (Al), Jayden Johns (F/CV), Dontea Rhim (M). D–20-7 3/4

Boys triple jump: Devin Austin (F/CV), Kevin Leigh (Al), Jayden Johns (F/CV), Quinn Grover (Al), Colin Lee (S). D–42-2 1/2

Boys high jump: Devin Austin (F/CV), Christian Drisdom (M), Jayden Johns (F/CV), Hayden Grover (Al), Dontea Rhim (M). H–6-4

Boys pole vault: Tony Cometto (Al), Mike Mosacco (E), Joey Pillittieri (F/CV), Dillen Giertz (R-H), Carson Bararante (E). H–10-3


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