Reader Comments On Community Battle

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am writing this as a follow up to the article published in the Post-Journal on 4/25 pertaining to the on going legacy of former Mayor of Jamestown Donald Ahlstrom.

I would also like to acknowledge that Don is responsible for much of the credit for defeating the building of a fool hardy new power plant in the city of Jamestown. Don was the instigator and the initial person raising the questions pertaining to this proposed project. Several local people including some previous employees of the city and the BPU as well as many concerned citizens and outside environmentalist joined the opposition. It was felt by our group that this new power plant was not needed and was not affordable with the potential to bankrupt the city if was built.

After a long battle lasting several years and several million dollars expended by the city and a lot of dedication and determination by many people the project was defeated.

Don was very proud of this defeat and although there is much credit to be spread around it was Don who originally initiated the many concerns.

Thank you Don for another long lasting contribution to our community.

Neil Boardman