City Council Approves Salary Review Commission Appointees

The City Council approved three more members for the salary review commission during Monday’s City Council voting session.

City Council President Anthony Dolce, R-Ward II, announced his appointments, which include Patrick Smeraldo, Michael Laurin and Tage Challs. The City Council unanimously approved each of these appointments.

Earlier this month, Mayor Eddie Sundquist announced his appointments, which include Joseph Bellitto, Ryan Thompson and Heather Greenfield. At the time, Dolce explained he would be announcing his appointments by the end of the month.

“I reached out to several people to get people who were willing and able to serve on the committee that had an interest in it and that have a little bit of experience either with government or being in the process,” Dolce said. “I know that some of the mayor’s appointments are former department heads. We’re trying to put together a group that would understand the history and understand a little be about the process, so they’re not starting from ground zero.”

Dolce previously indicated this year’s salary review commission might consider increasing the annual salary for the mayor and the yearly stipend for City Council members.

Neither the mayor nor the council has received an adjustment in financial compensation for their services in decades.

While previous Jamestown salary review commissions have proposed increased salaries and stipends for the position of mayor and City Council members, the City Council has historically voted against changing the annual salaries due to “tight budgets.”

Dolce said the salary review commission is required to make a recommendation to the City Council by the end of the year, giving the commission three months to deliberate and consider salary adjustment options.

“The next step will be the clerk will send out a notice and they’ll start meeting probably within the next month and come up with a plan in the next few months to bring it to the City Council for a vote,” he said. “The council will then approve or not approve it.”

Dolce explained any potential changes to the mayor’s annual salary or the City Council stipend would not take effect until 2024, following next year’s election. Any proposed changes by the salary review commission and approved by the City Council would affect the next sitting mayor and City Council members.


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