Mayville To Address Feral Cats In Village

The Mayville Village Board has agreed to contract with Little Angels Animal Sanctuary to run a spay/neuter feral cat program. Photo by Gregory Bacon

MAYVILLE — An ongoing cat problem is going to be getting some attention.

The Mayville Village Board has agreed in principle to contract with Little Angels Animal Sanctuary to run a spay/neuter feral cat program in the village.

The organization visited the Mayville Village Board last year to discuss the program. They would capture feral cats and have them fixed so they can’t breed; treat them for any illnesses; and then release them back to the area they were initially captured. The animals’ ears would be snipped as well.

At that time Little Angels said it costs $55 to neuter a male and $75 to spay a female. Rabies shots cost $10 and distemper shots costs $10. To treat the cats for worms, fleas and other parasites costs $12. There are additional costs if a cat has distemper before being caught or has feline leukemia.

Residents have been visiting the Mayville Village Board this spring, complaining that people are feeding strays near Tops and M&T Bank and the problem has continued to get worse.

At the May village board meeting, Trustee Ben Webb said he thinks it’s time to contract with Little Angels. “I think it’s a good idea. I think we should go ahead and put some money towards that,” he said.

Mayor Ken Shearer said it will cost $2,500 for the first year and then $500 for every year after that.

Resident Sandra Wagner expressed her support for the program. “It works. I’ve done it with 10 of them,” she said. “They were all fixed. They live in the woods.”

The Mayville Village Board unanimously approved a resolution to contract with Little Angels, pending final contract and review.

Mayville isn’t the only local municipality dealing with feral cats. Last month the Jamestown City Council approved an ordinance to create a trap, neuter, vaccinate and return program in cooperation with the Chautauqua County Humane Society. The council also approved a resolution to fund $5,000 to the Humane Society to create the new community cats program.


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