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Soldering Expert Strives To Make Difference

William Avery

As a renowned chemist, 63-year-old William Avery has achieved a lot by following his passion for science, leading him to change the way people solder aluminum to make the process more efficient.

For decades, Avery has helped other professionals understand the chemistry and methods behind soldering different metals together. His work in aluminum soldering has particularly reached many people, as Avery rewrote the “Aluminum Soldering Handbook” on behalf of The Aluminum Association.

Avery has worked as a chemist at Cleveland-based Superior Flux and Manufacturing Company since 2007.

He lives in Jamestown and currently works remotely, offering tutorials while studying the chemistry of different types of soldering.

“It’s been fun,” Avery said. “It’s been a challenge. I like the job that I do. If you got to work, you might as well enjoy yourself.”

His work in the field of soldering science extends even further back into the mid-1980s when he began working for the Blackstone Corp. While working there, he developed his passion for chemistry and decided to pursue higher education at Jamestown Community College and the University of Buffalo by earning a degree in his chosen science.

From there, Avery was on the path to becoming a respected soldering expert. He has authored a dozen papers on how to solder aluminum and has presented most of them at industry trade shows.

“As long as I can contribute, I want to continue to do that,” said Avery, noting he’s still a ways off from retirement. “I like to use my mind.”

While he’s been counted on to develop soldering flux chemistry, he also provides customer service when those who are interested in soldering ask him questions about their projects.

Avery has traveled to Canada, Mexico, England, India, China and Japan and throughout the United States to present his research and help other professionals understand soldering in a technical support role.

“I’ve had a chance to see just how beautiful the world is,” Avery said.

In his work with Superior Flux, he said he’s collaborated with many colleagues. For the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Avery has brought his technical savviness to the congregation by improving the computer and audio equipment.

“Nothing I do is by myself; it’s never just me,” Avery said.


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