Facility Will Have Cameras And Lighting

Just like every park in the city, the new skateboard park will have security cameras and lighting.

Even though measures will be taken to stop vandalism, Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, said no matter the lengths city officials will go to secure the new skateboard park, there will be problems.

“There is a vandalism in every park, every bathroom and every ball field,” he said. “It’s just not at the skate park at Chadakoin park.”

Teresi said it’s tragic the vandalism that occurs regularly at city parks, which is why in 2017 city officials installed cameras at every park in the city. Teresi said they have been able to catch vandals who were forced to pay restitution and, depending on the judges ruling, also faced other penalties as well.

“All we can do is keep watch,” he said. “Whether it is in the bathrooms or people tagging things, our approach is to catch them and then fix it. Hopefully we catch them and then we get rid of their handiwork.”

Teresi said there will be cameras and strong adequate lighting at the new park, which will have set hours for when it is open. Also, the skateboard park will be closed during the winter months just like at the skate park at Chadakoin Park.

The mayor said in the past the police did locate a substation trailer at the Chadakoin Park to watch over the equipment at the park. However, he said the substation was located at several parks in the city before Jamestown Police Department officials stopped using the trailer when it started to age.

“All of the parks, Riverwalk and the new skate park will have strong police attention,” he said.