Late Night Transportation Service To Prevent Drinking And Driving In Bemus Point

BEMUS POINT – While Bemus Point remains a popular summer hub for leisure and entertainment, it also boasts a fair number of arrests for people caught drinking and driving.

Now, thanks to a partnership between the Village Casino, Southern Tier Brewery, Arthur R. Gren Co. Inc. and the Chautauqua Area Regional Transit System, or CARTS, those who intend to drink in the village can have a safe trip home.

On Wednesday, Vince Horrigan, Chautauqua County executive, and Andrew Carlson, owner of the Village Casino, announced a new transportation program called Getting Home Safe from the Point.

From Friday through Aug. 13, CARTS buses will have two runs every Friday and Saturday. Buses will pick up individuals outside of the Village Casino, located at 1 Lakeside Drive, at 11:30 p.m. and at 1 a.m. The service is free and will drop passengers directly at their homes or hotels in the Bemus Point, Mayville, Lakewood or Jamestown areas.

“This program encourages people to be responsible by not drinking and driving,” Horrigan said. “Bemus Point offers many options for summer fun with great food and beverage establishments. I applaud this effort to keep people safe after an evening of fun at the Point.”

Carlson similarly praised the program.

“Professional Hospitality and its local restaurants, the Village Casino and Wing City Grille, appreciate the opportunity to offer the get home safe program to our patrons,” he said. “We take the responsibility of getting our guests home safe very seriously. The investment into this program will pay dividends to our community for many years to come. We look forward to the continued growth of this program.”

Joe Gerace, Chautauqua County sheriff, said the program has the potential of reducing the number of traffic fatalities and injuries in the area.

“Bemus is a place that people like to come to, but we don’t want them not to come here because they’re afraid of enforcement,” Gerace added. “This program really takes that away. (Patrons) now have a way to get home without worrying about getting arrested. This is a fantastic program.”