Email Prompts Lockdown At Clymer School

Clymer Central School went into a lockdown Monday after the superintendent said she received an “untraceable email with a potential threat.”

The threat was later deemed not credible.

In the first of two messages to parents, the school district said it was in a “lockout protocol” in which no one was permitted in or out of the building. Superintendent Beth Olson said district administration were working with law enforcement regarding the potential threat.

In a follow up message, Olson said the lockout evolved into a “lockdown drill” Monday morning.

“Today I received an untraceable email with a potential threat,” Olson said. “With the assistance of local law enforcement and consultation with the FBI, the email was determined to be a non-credible threat. Administration and law enforcement initiated extra precautions and did interior and exterior building sweeps with the K-9 units.

“Our students and staff did an outstanding job following our established safety protocols, which allowed quick and efficient work. There was NO time that any student or staff member was in immediate harm. I appreciate your patience and trust in our handling of this situation.”

Sheriff James Quattrone indicated other schools in New York may have received similar emails.


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