Historical Society Holds Maple Sugar Party

Historical society member Walter Waite stirs his bowl of maple syrup. Submitted photo

SINCLAIRVILLE — Members and guests of the Valley Historical Society of Sinclairville met recently for the opening meeting of the year with a maple sugar party in the South Stockton Wayside Chapel. Larry Barmore, president of the society, opened the meeting with a welcome, led by the Lord’s Prayer and the salute to the American Flag.

Maple syrup, supplied by Elsie Livermore, was brought to a temperature above boiling, and then each person was given some syrup in a bowl to stir for a time until it turned to maple sugar. Shown in the photograph is historical member Walter Waite stirring his bowl full of warm maple syrup. Crackers and pickles were supplied to take away the sweetness of the maple sugar.

The Valley Historical Society maintains a museum in the village of Sinclairville at the corner of Main and Lester Streets. The society dates back to 1977, when the late John and Ruth Smith, and Rev. John Rough saw a need to preserve the history of the Cassadaga Valley area. At the recent meeting, treasurer John Sipos read the minutes of the previous meeting, and the financial report covering the last four months. The historical group was on a winter break. Susan W. Sipos with her computer skills created a program of meetings, speakers, and events for all to use during the year.

The museum will be open for tours beginning on Sunday, May 6 from 2-5 p.m. at no cost. The museum will be open on Sundays except holiday weekends such as Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. For more information on the Valley Historical Society, write to P.O. Box 1045, Sinclairville, NY 14782. New members are always welcome.