2 Learning Models Provided For Students, Families

Bush Elementary School student, Chase Slagle, participated in a Zoom with his class while learning at home last spring.

JPS students and staff will return for the 2020-21 school year in a Hybrid Learning Model, which is a combination of in-person and remote learning, or full-time distance learning as requested during our stakeholder survey. Based on guidance from the State Department of Health and State Education Department, the Hybrid Model aims to maximize in-person instruction while safeguarding the health and safety of students and staff. Reopening plans are subject to change dependent on NYS guidance.

Q: What will the hybrid learning model look like?

A: For both elementary students and fifth through 9th graders, teachers will provide families with a weekly schedule so they know what is expected. Schedules and coursework will vary by teacher and school. At the elementary level, students will have an established daily schedule for both in-school and remote learning. Students in grades 5-9 will follow their typical class schedule whether learning remotely or in school. If you have specific questions on your child’s daily schedule, please contact your child’s teacher or school. If you need more information on the hybrid learning model, please visit www.jpsny.org/hybrid or call your child’s teacher.

Q: What will the full-time distance learning model look like?

A: Distance learning will be different than what families experienced this spring. Students will be expected to log on and engage in instruction every day. Each school has established and communicated specific daily learning schedules. Attendance will be recorded for each scheduled class, and grades will be assigned.

Instruction will be provided in multiple ways including video conferencing, recorded lessons or student-directed learning activities and assignments done independently. Parents will be partners in remote learning and JPS will provide the appropriate curricular resources. In all circumstances, school staff will be in regular contact with students and families and we will be checking to make sure schoolwork is completed.

“JPS has also provided professional development for our teachers over the summer,” said JPS Chief Academic Officer Michelle McDowell. “It was important to us that we gave teachers the tools needed to help prepare them for virtual learning this fall including: best practices around distance learning, Google Classroom and Questioning and Engagement in a Digital Classroom to name a few . We want to reassure our parents that you are not alone. We have members of our instructional services team currently working on parent help videos on Google Classroom and Seesaw, which we will share the first week of school.”

If you need more information on distance learning, please visit www.jpsny.org/remote or call your child’s teacher.


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