Jamestown High School Class Of 2019 Top 5%

No. 1 Finley Holt Parents’/Guardians’ Names Mary Beth and David HoltCollege Attending Case Western Reserve UniversityMajor/Career Plans Biology with goal of going to medical school and becoming a doctor
No. 2 Emily Spitz Parents’/Guardians’ Names Tim and Deanna SpitzCollege Attending AlleghenyCollegeMajor/Career Plans Biochemistry/Pre-Med; Medicine
No. 3 Elyse Jones Parents’/Guardians’ Names Michele and David Jones College Attending University of Rochester Major/Career Plans Acoustical/ Mechanical Engineering and Piano Performance
No. 4 Morgan Tracy Parents’/Guardians’ Names Tracie Gens and Robert Tracy College Attending Cleveland State University Major/Career Plans Psychology/Pre-med on the track to become a neurologist
No. 5 Ryan Corey Parents’/Guardians’ Names Ken and Lisa CoreyCollege Attending University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical SciencesMajor/Career Plans Biochemistry
No. 6 Isabelle Knapp Parents’/Guardians’ NamesShane and Erin KnappCollege AttendingCleveland State UniversityMajor/Career PlansMajor in Psychology
No. 7 Grayson Holt Parents’/Guardians’ Names Mary Beth and David HoltCollege Attending Case Western Reserve UniversityMajor/Career Plans Biology for pre-med to become a psychiatrist
No. 8 Ellyse Noon Parents’/Guardians’ Names Greg and Ashley NoonCollege Attending John Carroll UniversityMajor/Career PlansMajor in Accountancy
No. 9 Grace OsborneParents'/Guardians' Names Jack and Shannon OsborneCollege Attending Case Western Reserve UniversityMajor/Career Plans Finance
No. 10 Taylor Lee Parents’/Guardians’ Names Jessica Watson, Michael WatsonCollege Attending University at BuffaloMajor/Career Plans Criminal Psychologist
No. 11 Nolan Stevenson Parents’/Guardians’ Names Traci and Michael StevensonCollege Attending Penn State BehrendMajor/Career Plans Computer Science/Software Development
No. 12 Hannah Frederick Parents’/Guardians’ Names James and Tabatha Frederick College Attending Stony Brook University Major/Career Plans Sociology/undecided as to a career
No. 13 Carley Westphal Parents’/Guardians’ Names Ken and Michele Westphal College Attending SUNY Fredonia Major/Career Plans Psychology/ Early Childhood Education
No. 14 Ellen Cross Parents’/Guardians’ Names John and Amy Cross College Attending University at BuffaloMajor/Career Plans Communication and English, focusing on Journalism
No. 15 Mei Maxwell Parents’/Guardians’ Names David and Mary MaxwellCollege Attending University at BuffaloMajor/Career PlansBiomedical Science
No. 16 Kara Triscari Parents’/Guardians’ Names Sebastian and RhondaTriscariCollege Attending John Carroll UniversityMajor/Career Plans I would like to major in biochemistry and become a physician’s assistant
No. 17 Natalie Carlson Parents’/Guardians’ Names Michelle and NathanielCarlsonCollege Attending Quinnipiac UniversityMajor/Career Plans Business (Psychology Minor)

Congratulations to the JHS Class of 2019 Top 5%. These well-rounded, academically-talented students represent the best of

Jamestown High School. We wish all of our 2019 graduates good luck in their future endeavors.

Photos by Rob Sigler of Click Photo Studios


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