Customers Eye Discounts Before Shuttering Of Sam’s Club

Customers line up in the front of Sam's Club on Friday morning, a day after it was announced the store would close Jan. 26. P-J photo by Eric Tichy

Discount-seeking customers lined the front of Sam’s Club on Friday morning on Fairmount Avenue, a day after the company announced it was shuttering dozens of locations across the country.

The line began forming more than an hour before it was scheduled to open at 10 a.m. Many waiting said they were disappointed in the planned closure, as well as lack of notification to the employees and public, but were hoping to snag a deal, nonetheless.

“I was so upset,” said Donna Atwell, a Jamestown resident who has been shopping at Sam’s Club locally for more than two decades. “I come here with my sister once a week. We shop together.”

Curtis Southwick, one of the first in line and hoping to find a good deal, said he was disheartened by the way the company notified its employees that the location would be shuttered Jan. 26.

“The way they did this, it’s not right,” he said. “Not for the employees who weren’t given any notice and for the customers.”

Southwick, a resident of Falconer and frequent shopper, criticized the wholesale store’s parent company, Wal-Mart, for the decision and called it a “way to sell the building and make money.”

This story will be updated.