Naming A New Director Should Put JHS Marching Band Parents At Ease

The appointment of Marc Lentsch as Jamestown High School Marching Band director should put some minds at ease in the Jamestown community.

Lentsch has served as band director at Jamestown High School prior to his current post at Persell Middle School while serving as co-director as the JHS Marching Band from 2006 to 2009 before spending the past 15 years as the band’s assistant director.

There will be a marching band – and it will be a good one. The real question now is how often and where that band will perform.

Where the band performs will be determined by the number of musicians participating and how the program fits into the school’s budget. Allyson Smith, Jamestown High School principal, said a decision about the band’s competitive future hasn’t yet been decided, though instrumental music students have had an opportunity to give input.

That is, in our opinion, a side issue.

It is more important to have a marching band so student musicians can perform. The Jamestown High School Marching Band, as well as other band and choral offerings, has helped serve as a springboard to college for many student musicians over the years. Performing for the community is just as important for student musicians as varsity sports are to student athletes.

The school district has answered the most important question – the marching band will play on. All that’s left now is finding the right stage.


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