Golf Leagues

LAKEWOOD — Marcia Derby led the gross scores with a 43 and Jen Peters led the net scores with a 33 during the Mulligan Mamas Ladies Monday Night League at Maplehurst Country Club.

Julie Falk birdied No. 16.

Gross: Libby Nord 46, Mary Green 47, Brenda Tarana 48, Wendy Merchant 49, Rita Newell 49

Net: Cheryl Mason 34, Jessica Currie 35, Ruth Kriese 35, Patty Weeks 36, Lisa Nelson 36, Beth Johnson 36, Rosalie Zanghi 36, Julie Falk 36


CHAUTAUQUA — Mayville Legion elbowed its way into first place past Triple B in Wednesday’s Bill Sprague League at Chautauqua Golf Club.

A strong performance by team members Jim Mayer, Kyle Mayer, Ken Clute and Gabe Morrell was noted. The teams of Larry’s Cantina and Farm Fresh Foods follow closely. Low scores on the front were Craig Martin with 39, Jeff Dearing (42) and Kyle Mayer (43). On the back nine it was Mark Fisher with a 41, while Addie Rosario and Victor Matos had 44s.

Low net was Kyle Mayer with a 32.


CASSADAGA — Judy Mowery shot a scratch 44 and Brenda Swanson had a net 29 during the Wednesday Night Ladies League at Cassadaga Country Club.

Skins were earned by Debbie Michalak at No. 1, Jodi Hoffman at No. 4, Mary Bartkowski at No. 5 and Cam Lawton at No. 7.

Chip-ins were converted by Becky White at No. 3, Deb Yerico at No. 7 and Lori Cook at No. 8.

Closest to the pin on No. 6 was Kay Pagano.


FREDONIA — Bill Anderson led the A Division with a 37, while Phil Leone led the B Division with a 43 during the Monday Night Vineyards Utility Golf League.

A Division skins were earned by Bruce Mulkin at No. 5, John Corbett at No. 8 and Brian Manning at No. 9.

B Division skins were earned by Ed Konig at No. 4 and Bob Manning at No. 8.

Closest to the pin were Doug Kaletnbach at No. 5 and Bill Marsh at No. 9.

A Division: John Lakas 38, Joey Tramuta 38, Scott Hazelton 38, Joe Sorci 38, Gary Vandevelde 38, Brian Manning 39, Phil Maslak 39, Bob Golubski 39

B Division: Jeff Nelson 44, Frank Jagoda 44, Bob Manning 44, Jeff White 45


WESTFIELD — Ryan Swanson and Scott Jagoda fired 36s to lead the Legion Post 434 Wednesday Night Men’s League at Pinehurst Golf Club.

Gary Arnold and Ryan Lehman shot 39s, and Jon Espersen had a 40.

Steve Mawhir led the net scores with a 32, followed by Espersen, Doug Mason, Dave Adams, Levi Davis and Arnold with 33s. George Petrella, Denny Titus, Shannon Davis, John Chabuel, Kevin Presto and Jagoda all had 34s.

Swanson made a pair of birdies, while AJ Arnold, Espersen, Josh Warner, Davis, Jagoda, Gary Arnold and Mawhir each made one.

Tim Cerrie and Jagoda were closest to the pin.


WESTFIELD — Josh Harrington led the Thursday Night Men’s League at Pinehurst Golf Club with a gross score of 37, while Dean Ottaway had the best net score of 28.

Closest to the pin was Pat Sweatman on No. 4 and Ryan Lehman on No. 7.

Gross scores: Josh Harrington 37, Nolan Swanson 39, Lyndy Smith 39, Ryan Lehman 40, Derek Nickerson 40, Dan Tofil 40, Gordy Jaynes 40, Paul Bretz 40, Dick Frost 41

Net scores: Dean Ottaway 28, Chris Barrett 30, Jason Jagoda 31, Eric Edwards 31, Pat Sweatman 33, Gerry Rogers 33, Daryn Coon 34, Norm Leamer 34


RUSSELL, Pa. — Mike’s Townline leads the Western Division with 157 points and Townline Auto leads the Eastern Division with 151.5 points after Week 7 of the Senior League at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

Jon Vincent shot the low gross with a 35 and Richard Fisher had the low net with a 31.

Jim Fiscus accumulated the most points with 8.5. Vincent made three birdies. Jim Hitchcock is the season leader in points with 45.5

Eastern Division: Townline Auto 151.5, Jones Chevrolet 146.5, Schwab’s Copiers 146, Warren Tire 140.5, Maple Place Farms 137.5, NAPA Auto Parts 124.5

Western Division: Mike’s Townline 157, Litehouse Auto 147, Cable Hollow Golf 144, CTI Physical Therapy 121.5, Huber Blacktop 120.5, Falconer/Frewsburg Crew 116.5


FREDONIA — Dan Alessi and Robert Calph shot matching 35s to lead the Gene Andolina League at the Vineyards Golf Course.

Alessi and Gib Snyder fired 31s to lead the net scores.

Scratch skins were earned by Alessi at No. 1, Keith Medley at No. 2, Bill Anderson at No. 3, Calph at No. 5, Phil Kleeberger at No. 7 and Tony Antolini at No. 8.

Net skins were earned by Alessi at No. 1, Bob Tripp at No. 4, Snyder at Nos. 5 and 6, and Antolini at No. 8.

Closest-to-the-pin honors went to Calph at No. 5 and Bob Manning at No. 9.

Scratch: Sam Alessi 36, Bill Anderson 36, John Bongiovanni 37, Mike Willowby 38, Dave Criscione 38, Keith Medley 38, Greg Catalano 38, Zeke Curtain 39

Net: John Bongiovanni 33, Dave Criscione 33, Jaime Galarza 34, Phil Kleeberger 34, Mike Rosario 34, Zeke Curtain 34, Jim Polvino 34, Bill Anderson 34, Bob Welch 34, Mike Willowby 35, Tony Destro 35, John Wiedenhoffer 35, Robert Calph 35, Sam Alessi 35, Bill Hart 35, Keith Medley 35, Tom Leone 35, Sam F. Foti 35, Steve Lundine 36, Jim Sedota 36, Jim Lucas 36, Tony Antolini 36, Bob Patterson 36, David Polechetti 36, Doug Grace 36, Kurt Wolnik 36, Paul Trusso 36, Phil Maslak 36


WARREN, Pa. — Strong Spine Chiropractic leads the Tuesday Night League at Jackson Valley Golf Course with 220.5 points.

Shaw House is second with 195 points, followed by Sons of the Legion (193), Financial Care Partners (191) and Davies & Sons (191).

Gary Freeborough and Ron Boekeloo each accumulated 8.5 points for the week, while Bob Barney had 8.

Low gross honors went to: Matt Johnson on the front nine with a 37, Jordan Baker on the back nine with a 39, Tom Moyer for the seniors on the front nine with a 35 and Barney for the seniors on the back nine with a 37.

Low net honors went to: Steve McDonald on the front nine with a 32, Jonathon Pollow on the back nine with a 34, Freeborough for the seniors on the front nine with a 30 and Tom Morelli for the seniors on the back nine with a 34.


ASHVILLE — Alex Sullivan’s 41 led the Ladies Players League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Adrienne Barmore 43, Toni Indriolo 47, Karan Murray 48, Liza Babcock 49, Grace Wheeler 50, Kari Jackson 50, Brooke Calkins 50, Rita Newell 50, Anne Yager 51, Julie Acklin 52, Kathy Bernard 52, Amy Bernhardt 53, Jill Latta 54


ASHVILLE — Steve Nord led the Wednesday Morning Men’s League with a 41 at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Larry Dunlap 43, Mike Anderson 44, Kevin Brown 44, Nick Miletti 45, Mark Digirolamo 45, Dave Kolstee 45, Bruce Brightman 45, Kevin Beckerink 45, Runee Prince 45, Mike Peyton 46, Steve Martins 46, Lenny Comella 46, Denny Tyger 46, Don Angelo 46, Keith Beckerink 46


ASHVILLE — Keith Smith and Al Briggs shot matching 42s during the Humpday Hackers League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Jared Coon 43, Dan Sullivan 45, Chris Cady 45, Joe Spas 46, Mike Yuchnitz 46, Larry Dunlap 46, Jake Hammond 47, Tom Douglas 47, Craig Burch 47, Gary Sams 48, Dave Pearson 48


ASHVILLE — Charlie Moss and Jim Alexander combined for a 33 to pace the Warren Sheet Metal 2-Man Scramble League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Norm Dziendziel-Mark LeBaron 35, Frank Lewczyk-Doug Goodwin 35, Dan Johnson-Carl Caprino 35, Zac Camarata-Aaron Widrig 36, Gene Swan-Jason Lindahl 36, Casey Windoft-Chris Certo 36, Craig Tidquist-Butch Camarata 36, Ross Fargo-Tom Ahlstrom 38, Jim Andrews-Ben Soffel 38, Adam Beebe-Ethan Hatch 38


FREDONIA — There was a tie in the Friday Night Couples League at Vineyards Golf Course. The teams of Chris and Priscilla Penfold, Bobbie Deering and Harry Szewczyk, Phil and Pamela Maslak, Al and Patty Muck, and Greg Catalano and Angela Torrance shot 34.

Closest to the pin on No. 5 was Chris Penfold, while closest to the flag was awarded to Angela Torrance for the women and Bill Malinowski for the men.

Jon and Julie Ortendahl and George and Patty Petrella placed second with a 35.


FREDONIA — Joe Sorci and Matt Kessler both shot 35 to lead the Thursday Tom Tucker Golf League at the Vineyards Golf Course.

Closest to pin honors went to Kessler on No. 12 and Greg Haight on No. 18. Skins were earned by Craig Sutton on No. 11 and Greg Haight on No. 18.

Greg Haight 37, Dave Meadows 38, Jack Kujawa 40, Bob Golubski 40, Keith Medley 40, Steve Dando 40, Steve Lundin 40, Tim Woznak 41, Ricky Bauza 41, Rob LeGrano 42, Mike Rylowicz 42 and Craig Sutton 42


BEMUS POINT — Robin Kaynor shot a low score of 46 to lead the Thursday Night Bemus Point Ladies League.

Kathy Whalen and Jan James each shot 48 while Jody Cheney, Kathy Carlson and Jen Garret each shot 49. Notably, the team of Julie Brown and Becky Carslon both shot 50.

Kathy Whalen won the longest putt at a distance of 47 feet and 9 inches.


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