Trojans Triumph

Southwestern Captures Division 1 Titles At CCAA Championships

Southwestern’s Declan Kennedy, center, leads, from left: Franklinville/Ellicottville’s Benjamin Edwards, Frewsburg’s Zayne Cline, Allegany-Limestone’s Joshua Nolder and Silver Creek/Forestville’s Nathan Mays to the finish line during the 110-meter hurdles at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track and field championships Saturday in Olean. P-J photo by Tim Frank

OLEAN — Southwestern carried its regular-season dominance into the postseason as the Trojans won the boys and girls Division 1 team titles at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track and field championships this weekend at Olean High School.

Southwestern’s boys, paced by victories from Declan Kennedy in the 110-meter hurdles (15.35), Leo Kavic in the shot put (47-6.5) and Tyler McIntyre in the discus (130-5), claimed the boys crown with 182 points.

The girls, led by first-place finishes from Tryniti Card in the 800 meters (2:26.99), Emma Lewis in the 1,500 meters (4:54.58) and 3,000 meters (10:16.68), their 3,200-meter relay team (9:39.41) and Faith Hamilton in the shot put (35-8.5), captured the girls crown with 238 points.

Randolph won the boys Division 3 title with 177 points, thanks to triple-winner Talon Rowland, who took the 100 meters (11.13), 200 meters (21.88) and long jump (21-1.5), double-winner Roan Kelly, who was victorious in the 800 meters (1:55.63) and 1,600 meters (4:32.02), Caden Inkley’s victory in the pole vault (13-6) and the Cardinals’ winning 400-meter relay team (43.8). Rowland’s time in the 200 meters broke a track record of 22.27 seconds that had been held by Sweet Home’s Derrel Hennings since 2014.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama took the girls Division 3 crown with 136 points. The Wolfpack’s top finishers were second-place Solki Martin-Lacayo in the 800 meters (2:30.18), Tayden Persons in the 100-meter hurdles (17.29) and Isa Kioko in the high jump (5-0).

Randolph’s Talon Rowland wins the long jump. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Allegany-Limestone won the Division 2 boys title with 144 points. The Gators’ lone winner was Nik Andrae in the triple jump (40-0).

Franklinville/Ellicottville won the Division 3 girls title with 147 points. Tyyetta Herman took the 200 meters (25.24) and 400 meters (57.71), while Elizabeth Price captured the discus (118-7) for the Titans.

Dunkirk’s Johnee Thomas captured the 400 meters (50.46) and teammate Michael Hanlon claimed the 400-meter hurdles (57.21), while the Marauders also took the 1,600-meter relay (3:28.02) en route to a second-place team finish in Division 1 with 105 points.

Frewsburg’s Grace Lennon claimed the 100 meters (12.92), while teammate Gracie Conlan won the long jump (15-8.75) and triple jump (33-7.25) as the Bears tied for second in Division 3 with 99 points.

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Mary Lundmark won the pole vault (9-0) and the Golden Cougars took first in the 400-meter relay (50.88) en route to a second-place team finish in Division 1 with 99 points.

Frewsburg’s Grace Lennon, center, leads, from left, Southwestern’s Avery Johnson, Cattaraugus-Little Valley’s Emma Gassman, Southwestern’s Marlana Cresanti and Salamanca’s Jamila Nelthrope to the finish line during the 100-meter dash at the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track and field championships Saturday in Olean. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Maple Grove’s Jonah Foley won the high jump (5-10) and the Red Dragons also took first in the 3,200-meter relay (8:39.03) en route to a second-place team finish in Division 3 with 114 points.

Frewsburg’s Cody Kent was a double winner in the 3,200 meters (10:13.79) and 3,000-meter steeplechase (10:04.50) as the Bears took third in Division 3 with 92 points.

Other event winners for the girls included: Maple Grove’s Sydney Simmons in the 100-meter hurdles (16.77), Portville’s Aryanna Hatch in the 400-meter hurdles (1:07.64), Gowanda’s Calie Hudson in the 2,000-meter steeplechase (7:49.50) and Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton’s Jada Cole in the high jump (5-3). Portville also won the 1,600-meter relay in 4:09.30.

Team Results


Division 1: Southwestern 182, Dunkirk 105, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley 87, Olean 79, Fredonia 62, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton 32

Division 2: Allegany-Limestone 144, Franklinville/Ellicottville 129, Salamanca 109, Portville 63, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 60, West Valley 45

Division 3: Randolph 177, Maple Grove 114, Frewsburg 92, Clymer/Sherman/Panama 74, Silver Creek/Forestville 57, Gowanda 37


Division 1: Southwestern 238, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley 99, Olean 60, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton 58, Dunkirk 48, Fredonia 18

Division 2: Franklinville/Ellicottville 147, Salamanca 133, Portville 119, Allegany-Limestone 93, Cattaraugus-Little Valley 44, West Valley 11

Division 3: Clymer/Sherman/Panama 136, Randolph 99, Frewsburg 99, Maple Grove 85, Silver Creek/Forestville 65, Gowanda 62

Saturday’s Individual Results


100m: Grace Lennon (Frew), Jamila Nelthrope (Sa), Natalie Dossey (F/CV), Emma Gassman (C-LV), Mary Lundmark (F/CV). T–12.92

200m: Tyyetta Herman (F/E), Julia Wyant (P), Grace Lennon (Frew), Alexis Grijalva (So), Emma Gassman (C-LV). T–25.24

400m: Tyyetta Herman (F/E), Jenna Wyant (P), Alexis Grijalva (So), Delaney Kaiser (Fred), Eve Adams (R). T–57.71

1,500m: Emma Lewis (So), Calie Hudson (G), Gabrielle Bly (Sa), Lily Elliss (MG), Meredith Lendt (CL/W/B). T–4:54.58

100m hurdles: Sydney Simmons (MG), Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Audrey Hurlburt (F/E), Olivia Hallenbeck (Frew), M’Kenzie Zavala (So). T–16.77

400m hurdles: Aryanna Hatch (P), Hannah Madonia (F/CV), Tayden Persons (C/S/P), Molly Shaw (SC/F), M’Kenzie Zavala (So). T–1:07.64

2,000m steeplechase: Calie Hudson (G), Lucy Brown (So), Hanan Mohamad Narvaez (D), Gracyn Rowland (R), Dalayla Alexander (F/E). T–7:49.50

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Portville, Frewsburg, Southwestern, Salamanca. T–50.88

1,600m relay: Portville, Fredonia, Southwestern, Franklinville/Ellicottville, Silver Creek/Forestville. T–4:09.30

3,200m relay: Southwestern, Chautauqua Lake/Westfield/Brocton, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Portville, Salamanca. T–9:39.41

High jump: Jada Cole (CL/W/B), Hannah Cheney (O) and Isa Kioko (C/S/P), Marlana Cresanti (So) and Hali Brundage (P). H–5-3

Long jump: Gracie Conlan (Frew), Abby Chudy (F/E), Eve Adams (R), Talon Bramer (C-LV), Isabella Milks (Sa). D–15-8.75

Discus: Elizabeth Price (F/E), Mikayla Johnson (So), Faith Hamilton (So), Ingrid Gibson (SC/F), Brea Rubrecht (Frew). D–118-7


100m: Talon Rowland (R), Landon Stormer (Frew), Connor Young (So), Kamil Milliner (A-L), Nathan Carlson (D). T–11.13

200m: Talon Rowland (R), Jesse Hill (Sa), Nathan Carlson (D), Kamil Milliner (A-L), Archer Newark (Sa). T–21.88

400m. Johnee Thomas (D), Dempsey McDonald (R), Jesse Hill (Sal), Lucas Dunnewold (C/S/P), Simon Szymanski (P). T–50.46

1,600m: Roan Kelly (R), Ethan Verbosky (MG), Jack Tharnish (WV), Jaden Binkley (F/CV), Aaron Logiudice (F/E). T–4:32.02

110m hurdles: Declan Kennedy (So), Zayne Cline (Frew), Ryan Loncher (P), Joshua Nolder (A-L), Benjamin Edwards (F/E). T–15.35

400m hurdles: Michael Hanlon (D), Benjamin Edwards (F/E), Maddox Johnson (F/E), Ty Kraft (MG), Domanik Clark (R). T–57.21

3,000m steeplechase: Cody Kent (Frew), Xander Pitts (Frew), Grant Cornell (F/E), Parker Patterson (R), James Goff (F/E). T–10:04.50

400m relay: Randolph, Salamanca, Southwestern, Maple Grove, Olean. T–43.8

1,600m relay: Dunkirk, Randolph, Southwestern, Maple Grove, Frewsburg. T–3:28.02

3,200m relay: Maple Grove, Southwestern, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Gowanda, Randolph. T–8:39.03

Pole vault: Caden Inkley (R), Nathan Bailey (F/CV), Blake Kinnaird (O), Cole Johnson (So), Connor Ellison (A-L). H–13-6

Long jump: Talon Rowland (R), Archer Newark (Sa), Connor Young (So), Keegan Evans (O), Jonah Foley (MG). D–21-1.5

Shot put: Leo Kavic (So), Matt Dunn (SC/F), Bill Slavinski (F/E), Anthony Cipolla (C/S/P), Izaias Dowdy (R). D–47-6.5

Friday’s Individual Results


800m: Tryniti Card (So), Solki Martin-Lacayo (C/S/P), Kate Miller (So), Amilcar Ceteno (D), Lauryn BAll (A-L). T–2:26.99

3,000m: Emma Lewis (So), Olivia Harmony (WV), Calie Hudson (G), Lucy Brown (So), Ryanna Brady (Sa). T–10:16.68

Pole vault: Mary Lundmark (F/CV), Eve Adams (R), Felicity Cooper (D), Ellie Pearson (So), Elayna Pitts (Frew). H–9-0

Triple jump: Gracie Conlan (Frew), Mattie Evans-Brown (R), Isabella Milks (Sa), MIchaelynn Lecceradone (Sa), Presley Haines (MG). D–33-7.25

Shot put: Faith Hamilton (So), Mikayla Johnson (So), Elizabeth Price (F/E), Leigha Sischo (So), Lucille Jimerson (SC/F). D–35-8.5


800m: Roan Kelly (R), Ethan Verbosky (MG), Donavin Brown (So), Trey Faulk (So), Lucas Lawrie (D). T–1:55.63

3,200m: Cody Kent (Frew), Chase Bolen (G), Jack Tharnish (WV), Rhys Kelly (R), Lucas Dunnewold (C/S/P). T–10:13.79

High jump: Jonah Foley (MG), Nathan Mays (SC/F), Max Permentier (F/CV), Joshua Nolder (A-L), Zack Kachermeyer (R). H–5-10

Triple jump: Nik Andrae (A-L), Jaylen McMichael (D), Jonah Foley (MG), Connor Young (So), Parker Dornan (P). D–40-0

Discus: Tyler McIntyre (So), Walter Lukasiak (CL/W/B), Conner Jakubowicz (D), Kevin Edwards-Hardy (A-L), Mason Maring (CL/W/B). D–130-5



DEPEW — Senior Noah Burch won the 400-meter dash with a top-25 time in New York state to highlight the second day of the Erie County Interscholastic Conference track and field championships Saturday.

Burch’s personal-best time of 49.63 seconds was more than a half-second faster than second-place Steve Barlett of Orchard Park.

Junior Emily Cardinale placed third in the pole vault, reaching a personal-best height of 10 feet, 6 inches.

Stephen Hallberg took fourth in the 1,600 meters (4:26.56) on Saturday to follow up his third-place showing in the 3,200 meters (9:42.41) on Friday.

Freshman Braiden Kennedy was fifth in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 1:00.82.

Jamestown’s girls 3,200-meter relay team of London Hamilton, Nolah Hamilton, Kater Hockenberry and Belle Johnson placed fifth in 10:28.78, while the boys team of Wyatt Olmstead, Julian Himes, Owen Caswell and Isaiah Sanchez also took fifth in 8:41.12.

Sophomore Javiana Matos placed sixth in the shot put with a toss of 31 feet.

Caswell, a senior, turned in a sixth-place showing in the boys pentathlon with 2,298 points. He ran the 110-meter hurdles in 18.02 seconds, threw the shot put 8.27 meters, reached 1.48 meters in the high jump, lept 4.76 meters in the long jump and finished the 1,500 meters in 4:39.52.


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