Textor Fires 741 Series At Jamestown Bowling Company

Ray Textor’s 269-248-741 for Butternut Equine headlined action from the Classic Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Other scores top series in that league were Jim Elardo 264-247-731 for Bowler’s Corner; Andrew Raymond 237-265-712 for Ed Shults; Brandon Miller 258-248-701 for Don’s Car Wash; John Williams Jr. 267-694 for The Eighmy Edge; Dan Hallberg 255-685 for Southern Tier T-Shirts; Dan Gould 257-236-684 for Tops; Jeff Wadsworth 246-680 for Wadsworth Construction; and Mark Gould 231-255-677 for David Snow State.

In the Miles Machine League at JBC, Matt White rolled a 258-684 for R&R Garage.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Miles Machine League — Mike Wallen 230-226-659, Tom Yocum 237-657, Jeff Zaffino 247-226-650, Brent Carlson 225-625, Mike Page 622, Howard Wheeler Jr. 225-613, Dana Smith 238-609, John VanHorn 602, Steve Maloy 602, Pedro Melendez 592, Ryan Welty 585.

Classic Doubles League — Mark Meleen 254-674, Cody Kane 257-669, Jim Mee 231-225-662, Tyler JOnes 237-661, Mark Blasdell 235-230-658, Jeff Arnold 230-658, Ryan Colburn 258-653, Tom Sacilowski 246-648, Jeremy Becker 234-236-648, Bill Thompson 228-643, Chris Goodwill 236-631, Andrew Chapman 265-627, Paul Burdic 235-627, Steph Tompkins 622, Brian Kennelley 237-619, Devin Kennelley 616, Mike Greiner 616, Colton Cappalino 235-615, Brent Miller 613, Ang Volpe 610, Jamie Willey 610, Justin VanArsdale 607, Tom Volpe 244, Howie McIntyre Jr. 232.


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