Several Multiple Winners Lead Randolph Boys, Girls

FALCONER — Talon Rowland, Caden Inkley and Diego Stradi were all double winners for the boys, while Eve Adams was a triple winner for the girls as Randolph swept Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association track and field meets from Gowanda on Monday at Bill Race Field.

Rowland captured the 400 meters (52.3) and long jump (21-2), Inkley claimed the 110-meter hurdles (17.1) and pole vault (13-0), and Stradi took the 100 meters (11.7) and triple jump (40-11) for the Randolph boys, who won 108-31.

Chase Bolen won the 1,600 meters (5:04) and 3,200 meters (11:05.8) for the Panthers.

Adams prevailed in the pole vault (8-0), high jump (4-8) and long jump (16-0) as the Randolph girls won 96-42.

Mattie Evans-Brown won the 400-meter hurdles (1:17.8) and triple jump (33-5.5), while Brooke Reding took the shot put (28-11) and discus (74-6) for the Cardinals.

Calie Hudson captured the 1,500 meters (5:31) and 3,000 meters (12:16.2) for the Panthers.


3,200m relay: Randolph (Kevin McElwain, Parker Patterson, Dempsey McDonald, Talon Rowland). T–12:09.04

110m hurdles: Caden Inkley (R), Maverick Adams (R), Mason Wilson (G). T–17.1

100m: Diego Stradi (R), Winter Mentley-Peters (G), Ayden Eccles (R). T–11.7

1,600m: Chase Bolen (G), Rhys Kelly (R), Jason Twoguns (G). T–5:04

400m relay: Randolph (Gavin Stearns, Diego Stradi, Maverick Adams, Caden Inkley). T–46.3

400m: Talon Rowland (R), Dempsey McDonald (R), Marcus Gamble (G). T–52.3

400m hurdles: Domanik Clark (R), Caleb Durow (R). T–1:07

800m: Kevin McElwain (R), Jason Twoguns (G), Nathan Zink (R). T–2:23

200m: Alex Garland (R), Winter Mentley-Peters (G), Ayden Eccles (R). T–24.7

3,200m: Chase Bolen (G), Rhys Kelly (R), Nick Ashdown (R). T–11:05.8

1,600m relay: Randolph (Caden Inkley, Kevin McElwain, Domanik Clark, Talon Rowland). T–3:47.5

Pole vault: Caden Inkley (R), Parker Patterson (R), Domanik Clark (R). H–13-0

High jump: Gavin Stearns (R), Jayson Twoguns (G), Zack Kachermeyer (R). H–5-4

Long jump: Talon Rowland (R), Zack Kachermeyer (R), Derrick Milne (G). D–21-2

Triple jump: Diego Stradi (R), Jeffery Whipple (G). D–40-11

Shot put: Izzy Dowdy (R), Maverick Adams (R), Christian Merrill (G). D–41-0

Discus: Maverick Adams (R), Izzy Dowdy (R), Jacob Pierce (G). D–116-11


3,200m relay: Randolph (Eve Adams, Lucy Conley, Mattie Evans-Brown, Maddison VanSickle). T–12:23

100m hurdles: Liz Malek (G), Kyler Patterson (R), Hailey Farmer (R). T–18.4

100m: Avery Wilson (G), Aliyeah Oliverio (R), Alyssa Ruzycki (G). T–14.1

1,500m: Calie Hudson (G), Lucy Conley (R), Sierra Smith (R). T–5:31

400m relay: Randolph (Kyler Patterson, Kameron Luce, Abbey Finch, Ella Monroe). T–58.3

400m: Hailey Farmer (R), Willow Mentley-Peters (G). T–1:12.5

400m hurdles: Mattie Evans-Brown (R), Ryann Rowland (R), Jaylynn Elliott (G). T–1:17.8

800m: Sara Smith (R), Maddison VanSickle (R), Kaylen Farner (G). T–2:45.9

200m: Kyler Patterson (R), Ella Monroe (R), Kameron Luce (R). T–30.6

3,000m: Calie Hudson (G), Jaylynn Elliott (G). T–12:16.2

1,600m relay: Gowanda (Liz Malek, Bella DeGolier, Avery Wilson, Calie Hudson). T–4:54.2

Pole vault: Eve Adams (R), Sierra Smith (R). H–8-0

High jump: Eve Adams (R), Bella DeGolier (G), Avery Wilson (G). H–4-8

Long jump: Eve Adams (R), Elle Monroe (R), Octavia Williams (G). D–16-0

Triple jump: Mattie Evans-Brown (R), Aliyeah Oliverio (R), Destiny Golden (G). D–33-5.5

Shot put: Brooke Reding (R), Stella Smith (R), Christina Wilder (G). D–28-11

Discus: Brooke Reding (R), Stella Smith (R), Christina Wilder (G). D–74-6


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