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Week 6 of the Northwest Arena Winter Backyard Curling Leagues sponsored by Dot’s Gift Boutique saw all 84 teams competing. The playoff brackets are almost set, with plenty of exciting action leading up to the final week of the regular season.


Matt LaBarron took a strangle hold of first place for Brewster’s Bros. He took charge as they shut out Gren’s Growlers 16-9 and survived Pepsi 2 33-31.

Blaire Feichter and Kalynn Swanson delivered key buttons in two crucial wins for Curl Jam. Those game-changing shots came against 12 Ounce Curls 25-19 and Curling Me Softly 30-29.

Theresa Jackson and Tonie Wirsen locked in for Shoeless Joe’s Pub. They moved into third place with wins over TRCurlers 23-15 and Legion of Broom 34-29.

Alyssa Porter carried the load for the Cheese Curls. She single-handedly dominated Pepsi 2 32-17 and Pepsi 1 32-27.

Steve and Ed Cramer anchored things down for Fruit of the Brooms. Defense was the name of the game versus Scoreless Hacks 37-13 and 12 Ounce Curls 28-16.

Legion of Broom won a close shave with Rowers on Ice 23-17, thanks to Todd Frangione.

Curling Me Softly dismantled the offense of Pepsi 1 in their 14-8 victory. This was a result of Holly Hackett’s strong game plan.

Marie Panebiano and Claire Tomassini were the two wonder women who helped Gren’s Growlers throttle TRCurlers 41-22.


Snow Good at This moved into second place because of Alana Dibble. She got them back on the winning path against Lakeshore Paving 39-16 and Stark Gravel 26-25.

Janet Calabrese paved the way for Pickle Pushers. She read the ice well in their conquests of Chill Seekers 38-20 and Glass House Gang 17-15.

Brian Ferry aided Frozen Fish in escaping multiple upsets. He kept things rolling in both close calls with Lakeshore Paving 31-26 and Glass House Gang 25-23.

Stark Gravel played the spoiler role, handing Sour Pickles their first loss of the regular season. Don Abramson stepped up and delivered with his name called in the shocking defensive struggle 10-9.

Terry Stronz reorganized Sour Pickles to get back on the right slider. Lakeshore East stood no chance 34-10 and Sour Pickles still is comfortably at the top of the division.

Jason Cresanti and Chill Seekers clamped down on The Cold Snap 17-13.

Alison Johnson and Team Auto Credit read the ice better than Rock Slide 21-13.

The avalanche of offense came the next time around. Janet Jespersen led Rock Slide to a 26-17 takedown of Tree Huggers.

Dave Southwick and Tree Huggers rebounded in their 29-22 ambush of The Cold Snap.

LaMancuso-Arndt stifled Team Auto Credit 18-13 as a result of stellar curling from Danielle LaMancuso.

Don Liden and Lakeshore East found a way to dismantle LaMancuso-Arndt 29-18.


Daryl Damcott and Head for the Mountains moved into first place as they did so by defeating We Love Beer 29-17 and Stone Cold Maidens 38-33.

We’ve Got the Stones jumped up into third place as Brian and Kathy Rossey helped by taking down Stone Cold Maidens 31-23 and Hindy’s Hurlers 36-26.

Jack and Brenda Munella put together the best night of the year for Had a Few. They climbed the standings by sliding past Hackin’ Up Stones 36-25 and Henry James 21-17.

Marianne Mattoon and Stephanie Trusso helped Girls with Stones display why they should not be taken lightly as playoffs are right around the corner with their victories over Geriatric Curling Machine 35-25 and previously top-ranked Drunken Sliders 24-18.

Bob Drake led Knuckle Draggers to a shootout win against J-1 Auto 41-38.

Rich Wilson curled like he had something to prove, as J-1 Auto rebounded versus Hindy’s Hurlers 24-18.

Henry James caught fire in large part due to Dusty Carlson. They cruised by Drunken Sliders 40-27.

Garret Bailey and Geriatric Curling Machine laid the hammer on Knuckle Draggers 40-17.

Hackin’ Up Stones split the night as Michelle Richau guided them past Rolling Stones 26-20.

Joe Blair and We Love Beer also survived with Rolling Stones in their way 29-28.


Nick Kahanic and Pat Smith were the stars for The Brush Offs, who waltzed into first place. They had to get by Curling Q’s 28-22 and Perfect Stones 24-19.

Dan Challingsworth and Cliff Sleasman lifted Rand Machine into third place. They showed no signs of folding under pressure after they escaped HALLFAW 20-19 and The Rolling Stones 24-19.

The Ice Men won a couple of defensive struggles with Curling Me Softly 24-18 and 12 oz. Curlers 12-10. Mike Nygren and Molly Gustafson were the difference makers.

George Panebianco and In the House squeaked by Smokin’ Rocks 22-19.

Jay Britt anchored the defense for Smokin’ Rocks in their 21-12 ambush of Got Stones.

Travis Higgs brought the offensive fireworks so Got Stones could shock 12 oz. Curlers 22-21.

Justin Swanson was the glue that kept 12 oz. Curlers together. They went on to defeat Team No Name 31-28.

Curls Gone Wild stunned In the House 30-25 with Mark Snow catching fire in the process.

Alex Sullivan delivered nicely in a backyard curling debut. Stellar shooting from the rookie led to a 19-17 victory for Curling Me Softly over The Rolling Stones.

Perfect Stones pulled away from Team No Name 18-13. The team can thank Cindy Panebianco, who nailed a couple of opponents stones at the same time, as well as keeping her stone in the button. The 15-point turnaround proved to be the deciding factor.

HALLFAW picked up some steam heading toward the playoffs. Cindy Fawcett led the charge in their 20-19 conquest of Curling Q’s.


Cold as Ice froze their opponents down the stretch and found themselves in first place. Michelle Ricker captained the night with a 31-27 win versus Six Stones and a Stick. She capped things off by drilling the game-winner in overtime against UPMC 20-16.

Rob Loll had The Dot’s Men back on the right track. They finished with a perfect night by taking down Curling Queens 25-13 and Curl Power 36-35.

Darren and Danielle Anderson were unstoppable on the night for Barney’s Hoof Trimming. The immaculate shooting from this dynamic duo resulted in victories against UPMC 23-12 and The Flintstones 30-20.

Dave Currie and Sub Zero notched an upset win by toppling 12 oz. Curlers 30-25.

Eric Scolton and 12 oz. Curlers turned things around in a nail-biter with Game of Stones 29-26.

Tammy Rea had things in cruise control as Six Stones and a Stick dismantled Curling Queens 32-18.

Curl Power put away a solid Shawbucks team 22-20 with Chrissy Silzle leading the way.

Morgan Baker and The Flintstones pounced on Ice & Easy 23-15.

Joe Rollman disabled the offense of Haggy’s Jr. Curling for Ice & Easy with a very easy 24-8 victory.

Kyle Rensel and Game of Stones upset Shawbucks by doubling them up 24-12.


Cold Beer Here continued to hold on to first place as Bill Lawson handled Seminar Group 38-27 and Lions and Bears 34-18 with an outstanding performance.

Tracy’s Dog brought back an old face from the roster in Vanessa Colburn, as she helped secure two wins over Button Blasters 31-22 and Sweeping Beauties 30-21.

On the Rocks continued to climb the standings as they knocked off both 2 Curls and 1 Cup 20-12 and Button Blasters 27-26 in overtime.

Curlews is making a late surge heading into the playoffs as they have won five games in a row, with wins this week against the Bemus Sliders 37-31 and the Bemus Boulders 38-26, as Heidi Bletsch showed off her outstanding stickwork.

Frost Bitten Twice Shy evened up their record to 6-6 on the year with victories over Curl Jam 26-22 and the Bemus Sliders 27-19, behind strong play from Aric and Jodi Smith.

Sweeping Beauties stayed in the middle of the pack going 1-1 with a 26-23 win over Ba Na Ma Na as Chuck Ludwig captained the ship.

Ba Na Ma Na came back with an impressive overtime win over the Seminar Group 28-26, as Nate Welker drilled the game-winner.

The Bemus Boulders closed out Lions and Bears 41-31 as Holly Sullivan was masterful as always to carry the Boulders to victory.


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