Trojans Dominate At Home

Boys, Girls Win Section VI Class C Titles; Napoleon Sets National Mark

Southwestern’s Alexis Grijalva, right, won two events Saturday at the Section VI Class C championships. P-J photo by Tim Frank

It’s that time of the school year.

The Southwestern boys and girls dominated the Section VI Class C Track & Field Championships on Saturday, leaving their very own Fran Sirianni Athletic Complex with a pair of team titles.

And, yes, Angelina Napoleon of Allegany-Limestone performed like she always does — in spectacular fashion.

More on that later.

First, the Trojans, who are coached by Jay Sirianni (boys) and Adam Frisbee (girls), scored 189 points and 161 points respectively to win by wide margins over second-place Allegany-Limestone.

Southwestern’s Emma Lewis leads the field in the 400-meter hurdles.

Individually, it was equally as dominating for the student-athletes from the Hunt Road campus.

Michael Butterfield (200 meters, 400 meters), Nate Lewis (3,200 meters and 3,000-meter steeplechase) and Declan Kennedy (110-meter high hurdles and 400-meter hurdles) were all double individual winners for the boys. Tack on victories by Trey Faulk in the 1,600 meters, Matt Pannes in the pole vault, the quartet of Kennedy, Matthew Burlingame, Jacob Johnson and Butterfield in the 1,600-meter relay, and the quartet of Faulk, Johnson, Lukas Svenson and Donavin Brown in the 3,200-meter relay and it was Southwestern in a runaway.

For the girls, Alexis Grijalva doubled in the 200 meters and the 400 meters; Emma Lewis claimed wins in the 1,500 meters and the 400-meter hurdles; M’Kenzie Zavala won the 100-meter hurdles; the quartet of Grijalva, Marlana Cresanti, Joslyn Brown and Avery Johnson captured the 400-meter relay; and the quartet of Cresanti, Johnson, Grijalva and Tryniti Card crossed the finish line first in the 1,600-meter relay.

And then there was Napoleon.

The senior sensation won four events — the 800 meters, the 3,000 meters, the high jump and the 2,000-meter steeplechase. Her time in the latter event was 6:19.75, which set a new national high school record.

Southwestern’s Matthew Pannes shows his winning form in the pole vault. P-J photos by Tim Frank

Other area athletes who collected individual wins were Chautauqua Lake’s Nick Jacobson and David Speagle. Jacobson won the high jump and Speagle claimed the long jump.


Team Standings

Southwestern 161, Allegany-Limestone 121, Newfane 63, Tapestry Charter 57, Olmsted 41, Royalton-Hartland 35, Chautauqua Lake 35, Cleveland Hill 16, Silver Creek 15, Salamanca 13.

100m: Brooklyn Bullock (Olmsted), Tierra Slaughter (Cleveland Hill), Lily Otto (Chautauqua Lake), Caitlyn Kellogg (Allegany-Limestone). T — 13.04.

Allegany-Limestone’s Angelina Napoleon won four events, including the 2,000-meter steeplechase in a national record-setting time of 6:19.75.

200m: Alexis Grijalva (Southwestern), Stephanie Chunco (Newfane), Lily Otto (Chautauqua Lake), Tierra Slaughter (Cleveland Hill), Caitlyn Kellogg (Allegany-Limestone). T — 27.19.

400m: Alexis Grijalva (Southwestern), Catalena Ersing (Newfane), Marlana Cresanti (Southwestern), Alexis Cacciatore (Royalton-Hartland), Stephanie Chunco (Newfane). T — 1:01.35.

800m: Angelina Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Ashlyn Collins (Allegany-Limestone), Tryniti Card (Southwestern), Olivia Wolfe (Chautauqua Lake), Emma Malmstrom-Jouannet (Southwestern). T — 2:20.37.

1500m: Emma Lewis (Southwestern), Ashlyn Collins (Allegany-Limestone), Lilianna Peters (Allegany-Limestone), Kylie Bowman (Newfane), Eliexa Duggan (Allegany-Limestone). T — 5:01.46.

3000m: Angelina Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Kylie Bowman (Newfane), Lilianna Peters (Allegany-Limestone), Elexa Duggan (Allegany-Limestone), Lucy Brown (Southwestern). T — 11:10.03.

Southwestern’s Nate Lewis won two events.

100m hurdles: M’Kenzie Zavala (Southwestern), Dakota Rammelt (Chautauqua Lake), Julia Miles (Royalton-Hartland), Brogann Howard (Allegany-Limestone), Michaelynn Lecceradone (Salamanca). T — 17:52.

400m hurdles: Emma Lewis (Southwestern), Lilly Coulter (Allegany-Limestone), Julia Miles (Royalton-Hartland), M’Kenzie Zavala (Southwestern), Anna Chunco (Newfane). T — 1:11.89.

2000m steeplechase: Angelina Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Ryanna Brady (Salamanca), Lucy Brown (Southwestern), Lilly Coulter (Allegany-Limestone), Lydia Kushmaul (Chautauqua Lake). T — 6:19.75.

400m relay: Southwestern (Alexis Grijalva, Marlana Cresanti, Joslyn Brown, Avery Johnson), Olmsted, Royalton Hartland, Cleveland Hill, Chautauqua Lake. T — 52.52.

1600m: Southwestern (Marlana Cresanti, Avery Johnson, Alexis Grijalva, Tryniti Card), Silver Creek, Newfane, Allegany-Limestone, Chautauqua Lake. T — 4:19.40.

Both Southwestern’s Michael Butterfield won two events.

3200m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Ashlyn Collins, Lilianna Peters, Elexa Duggan, Lilly Coulter), Southwestern, Newfane, Chautauqua Lake, Royalton-Hartland. T — 10:11.65.

High jump: Angelina Napoleon (Allegany-Limestone), Julia Miles (Royalton-Hartland), Marlana Cresanti (Southwestern), Dneasha Quicksey (Olmsted), Isabella Milks (Salamanca). H — 5-2.

Pole vault: Liza Giradini (Allegany-Limestone), Brianna Michalak (Newfane), Ellie Pearson (Southwestern), Braya Beaver (Southwestern), Reece Beaver (Southwestsern). H — 7-9.

Long jump: Janee Long (Tapestry), Brooklyn Bullock (Olmsted), Ainsley DeBiase (Newfane), Ellie Pearson (Southwestern), Lauren Cotter (Southwestern). D — 17-1.25.

Triple jump: Dneasha Quicksey (Olmsted), Lauren Cotter (Southwestern), Janee Long (Tapestry), Madi McIntyre (Southwestern), Brianna Michalak (Newfane). D — 32-4.75.

Shot put: Nyla Wilson-Epps (Tapestry), Deja (apestyr), Denise Birmingham (Tapestry), Faith Hamilton (Southwestern), Siri DuBois (Southwestern). D — 37-2.

Discus: Nyla Wilson-Epps (Tapestry), Faith Hamilton (Southwestern), Deja Ferguson (Tapestry), Grace Millen (Silver Creek), Leigha Sischo (Southwestern). D — 101-0.


Team Standings

Southwestern 189, Allegany-Limestone 79, Chautauqua Lake 63, Newfane 60, Tapestry Charter 54, Cleveland Hill 45, Olmsted 22, silver Creek 17, Salamanca 10, Royalton-Hartland 9, Health Sciences 8, JFK 1, WNY Martime 1.

100m: Amarion Spivey (Cleveland Hill), Michael Butterfield (Southwestern), Cole Otto (Chautauqua Lake), Jacob Herbert (Allegany-Limestone), Kaivohn Pitts (Health Sciences). T — 11.16.

200m: Michael Butterfield (Southwestern), Cole Otto (Chautauqua Lake), Amarion Spivey (Cleveland Hill), Matthew Burlingame (Southwestern), Ayden Henderson (Tapestry). T — 22.25.

400m: Michael Butterfield (Southwestern), Jesse Hill (Salamanca), Alex Procknal (Silver Creek), Matthew Milliner (Allegany-Limestone), Ben Dickinson (Newfane). T — 50.99.

800m: Alex Redeye (Allegany-Limestone), Elias Quintero (Chautauqua Lake), Donavin Brown (Southwestern), Trey Faulk (Southwestern), Donovan Vasile (Tapestry). T — 1:58.37.

1600m: Trey Faulk (Southwestern), Alex Redeye (Allegany-Limestone), Nate Lewis (Southwestern), Benjamin Bock (Silver Creek), Josiah Rodriguez (Royalton-Hartland). T — 4:43.50.

3200m: Nate Lewis (Southwestern), Lukas Svenson (Southwestern), Aidan Gillings (Newfane), Cameron Paternosh (Chautauqua Lake), Liam Betteridge (Newfane). T — 11:16.60.

100m hurdles: Declan Kennedy (Southwestern), Joshua Nolder (Allegany-Limestone), Davion Douglas (Cleveland Hill), Sam Kautzman (Southwestern), Nathan Mays (Silver Creek). T — 16.60.

400m hurdles: Declan Kennedy (Southwestern), Sam Kautzman (Southwestern), Davion Douglas (Cleveland Hill), Dillon Northington (Tapestry), Jack Johnson (Newfane). T — 1:00.23.

3000m steeplechase: Nate Lewis (Southwestern), Liam Betteridge (Newfane), Daenon Kopp (Newfane), Alden Gibson (Neewfane), Nathan Cross (Silver Creek), Justin Vanstrom (Southwestern). T — 10:32.85.

400m relay: Tapestry (Jamell Baldon, Daunte Townsell, Jayden Kelly, Ayden Henderson), Cleveland Hill, Health Sciences, Allegany-Limestone, Southwestern. T — 43.69.

1600m relay: Southwestern (Declan Kennedy, Matthew Burlingame, Jacob Johnson, Michael Butterfield), Allegany-Limestone, Tapestry, Cleveland Hill, Silver Creek. T — 3:33.28.

3200m: Southwestern (Trey Faulk, Jacob Johnson, Lukas Svenson, Donavin Brown), Tapestry, Chautauqua Lake, Royalton-Hartland, Allegany-Limestone. T — 8:50.75.

High jump: Nick Jacobson (Chautauqua Lake), Joshua Nolder (Allegany-Limestone), Ben Dickinson (Newfane), Kole Lyon (Southwestern), Jaiden Meredith (Cleveland Hill). H — 6-0.

Pole vault: Matt Pannes (Southwestern), Jaxon Dembroski (Newfane), Jacob Herbert (Allegany-Limestone), John Conley (Southwestern), Sebastian Winchesll (Newfane). H — 11-6.

Long jump: David Speagle (Chautauqua Lake), Cole Otto (Chautauqua Lake), Julian Jones (Tapestry), Ben Dickinson (Newfane), Daunte Townsell (Tapestry). D — 20-7.

Triple jump: Daunte Townsell (Tapestry), Ben Dickinson (Newfane), Chris Miller (Southwestern), Connor Young (Southwestern), Jaiden Meredith (Cleveland Hill). D — 43-3.5.

Shot put: Xzavier Goodman (Olmsted), Will Hoden (Southwestern), Ahren Faller (Allegany-Limestone), Mitchell Pike (Southwestern), Zach Trietley (Salamanca). D — 48-2.5.

Discus: Xzaiver Goodman (O), Will Hoden (Southwestern), Kevin Edwards-Hardy (Allegany-Limestone), Kyle Gonska (Allegany-Limestone), Walter Lukasiak (Chautauqua Lake). D — 139-4.


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