Berkhous Spins 734 Set At Jamestown Bowling Co.

Tab Berkhous smashed a 247-244-243-734 for Crescent Inn to pace the Belleview East League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

TJ Weimer hit a 265-180-243-688 for Crescent Inn, Bill Colburn tossed a 269-227-191-687 for Townline Auto and Lenny Bush knocked a 203-178-247-678 for Bush Crickets.

Jeff Arnold stood out rolling a 215-227-265-707 in the Friday Night Couples league at JBC.

Kate Foti led the way with a 256-270-718 for JBC Gametime in the Monday Ladies Doubles league at JBC and Stephanie Tompkins hammered a 205-234-634.

Steve Ryberg knocked a 242-224-676 for Jeremy’s Bel-View in the Jeremy’s Bel-View league at JBC.

Ed Bailey clobbered a 246-255-220-721 in the Monday Men’s League at Cutting Lanes.

Ron Reed was the winner of the King of the Hill tournament at Cutting Lanes.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Monday Ladies Doubles–Dawn Raynor 210-206-587, Beth Sacilowski 234-566, Donna Clark 226-553, Lori Pumford 201-540, Emily Ryberg 531, Laura Schlining 526, Pat Weeks 515, Mary Green 504, Christy Cuifolo 478, Leda Peterson 475.

Jeremy’s Bel-View–Paul Burdic 235-646, Zack Ryberg 223-628, Josh Snow 246-621, Chuck Ryberg 609, George Wendell 588, Tim Snow 589, Nick Covert 222-578, Bob Stockton 236-587, Jamie Willey 576.

Friday Night Couples–Brandon Michael 230-637, John Van Horn 225-621, Paul Arnold 576.

Belleview East–Justin Johnson 246-671, John Robbins 624, Greg Bush 607, Larry Pischera 605, Andrew Raymond 236-226-591, Tim Whitmore 589, Josh Donisi 238, Nathan Donisi Jr. 228, Doug Lindgren 225.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League–Ron Reed 220-594, Patrick Bemis 593, Kevin Beckerink.

Tuesday AM Sr. League–Randy Sweatman 203-500.

King of the Hill Tournament–Kim Dunnewold 475, Tom Hanson 222-603, Ron Reed 221-581.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League–Jeff Arnold 670, Ray Textor 659, Bill Pownall 649, Dave Eriksen 647, Troy Beightol 622, Mike Kehrli 620, Bill Farr 610, Matt Rudy 585, Dan Terhune 582, Clayt Willsie 575.


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