Pischera Drills 661 Set At JBC

Larry Pischera’s 212-213-236-661 for Hot Shots led the Monday Seniors League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jim Suckow followed Pischera with a 211-232-215-658 for JBC and Ed Petransky had a 202-214-609 for Hot Shots.

Jason Pool rolled a 254-225-217-696 during the Acme Appliance League at JBC.

Cutting Lanes: Boozers & Losers–Mary Milks 495

Jamestown Bowling Company: Saturday Mixed Couples–Jeff Arnold 214-225-220-659, Mike Kehrli 232-597, Mark Cobbe 211-597, John Budzinski 209-580, Julie Budzinski 218-560, Becky Washer 481

Acme Appliance–Tim Perrin 233-619, Pat Ewing 609, Randy Miller 234-590, Michael Gray 587, Will St. John 586, Justin Courson 231-583, Kelly Savaree 513

Monday Seniors–Lenny Bush 548, Gary Wells 537, Wayne Hunzinger 226-528, Gerry Kemp 508, Hank Mole 506, Pat Dispenza 462, Sue Schultz 410, Chloe Vincent 405, Linda Conti 404


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